Handknit Holidays — Weekend Edition

As promised, here’s a better view into the book. I tried picking out projects to showcase. In the end I just took a pic of every project.
I’ve created a photo album for them so you can flip through at your leisure.
My favorite projects (it was really hard to pick just a few): Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl, Over-the-Knee Socks, and the openwork version of Winter Solstice Table Runners.

14 thoughts on “Handknit Holidays — Weekend Edition

  1. Oh Jody, thank you so much! I just went to my LYS today looking for the book with no luck. Melanie Falick should pay you. I love the Sugarplum pullover.

  2. Thanks Jody … I think the sales of this book would soar a lot because of your post! I love many of the projects and I’m definitely going to get myself a copy.

  3. Pictures *and* yarn info – very helpful! I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book, and after your thorough preview I’ll definitely be finding it to check out in person. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for your time posting all the info. I ordered the book from Amazon last week after seeing it at B&N. Stupid me forgot to write down yarn info to buy before the book comes, now I can shop! Carrie was laughing on the phone when I called her about the book, because she noticed it was Savannachik Jodi who had the first review on Amazon. She thought it was cute.: )

  5. Great photos, now I’ve got to get one. My luck, they don’t sell it here in England, I’ll get Amazon.com to ship it international.

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