River Update — Week 7

We have some FOs this week!
Brenda finished her beautiful white river!
Diana finished up her longer version and includes some great pattern notes.
Melissa finished a couple weeks back but somehow I missed her post! She used Kid Silk Night and shares her thoughts on how it worked up.
What to do?
A couple KALers our there want our input:
Kate is trying to decide if she’s knit enough.
Kellee has ripped again and is trying to decide what needle size to use this go round.
Casting On
Nancy cast on this week with the blue shade of Kid Silk Spray. She has a nice closeup of the slightly variegated look this yarn is giving her River. Very pretty!
Need a Raft?
A couple of your fellow KALers have emailed me saying how frustrated they are with this project.
Jacqueline has ripped several times and is wondering why River is causing so many problems (she knit Birch just fine!)
Jackie is also not feeling the love and is unsure of her color.

7 thoughts on “River Update — Week 7

  1. I’M DONE! beaded scrunchie, too! i can’t wait to wear my river to a wedding i’m going to this weekend. pics and a couple of tips on my blog. thanks to jody for putting on a great KAL. i got a lot of wonderful info & support here…and that chart was a lifesaver!

  2. I need a lifejacket. I ended up with some wonky problem and have decided, at this point, to just call it “the bend in the River”. Still hot and humid here (although it’s been a relatively cool lower 90s_ so my impetus to knit much of anything is kaput. It’ll come back.

  3. I know you are all well into this and some of you have finished – they all look great!! – but may I join? I don’t do a lot of ‘alongs’ but this one has really caught my attention. And having just finished a sweater from the fall VK in Big Wool & KSS this shawl would go perfectly with it.
    Please let me know – I’ll be picking up the extra ball that I need this weekend anyway.

  4. Hi,
    I’m a non-blogger. Can I join in for the River KAL or am I too late? Just got the book would be casting on later of the day. Btw, I will be using KnitPicks Shimmer and the colourway is Happy Dance.
    Best Regards

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