A New Heel


I turned the heel last night. The change I made is pretty obvious, right?
I used a garter stitch short rowed heel. Christy showed me her mermaid sock over the weekend and I knew I had to try it. Thanks for the inspiration, Christy!
I also made a change to the way I normally do short row heels. I’ve been using Wendy’s proportions for heels. That is, I’ve been leaving one fourth of the sock stitches at the heel as unworked stitches that I didn’t wrap.
Well, last night I also got my copy of Folk Socks and noticed that Nancy suggested doing an afterthought heel until there was one inch of stitches left. Structurally the afterthought and short row heels are very similar so I thought I’d give it a try. This heel fits me much better!
added later One-fourth of the stitches is 21, and one inch of stitches is 9. So, this modification has made for a much deeper heel
I was a bit concerned that the garter ridges would be uncomfortable but at such a small gauge that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I won’t know for sure until I wear them, and at this rate I may be done before Thanksgiving!

10 thoughts on “A New Heel

  1. One inch remaining is what I’m finding seems to work out best, too, though I’d never really sat down and thought about it too much. The shallower heels never seem to fit as well for me. Lovely heel!

  2. Stunning socks Jody! I have Nancy’s book yet have never read it bug I discovered you little trick from my Sole Solution software. It gives and option of standard/narrow/wide heels and the wide is usually about one inch of unworked stitches (sole solution uses wrapped short rows, I use YO short rows but the “essence” is the same)
    Thanks for the compliments on the Ribby ‘rents :)
    They loved em and were so surprised!
    Your comment about the temp was cute but it’s true! Altho I’m a native I didnt grow up here. When I moved back about 15 years ago, I was swimming outdoors in January,now I wouldn’t be caught dead near a pool til May!

  3. I couldn’t figure out what change to the pattern you were planning to make until I saw this picture. It looks fantastic!
    That heel is such a great one for variegated yarn. Love it!

  4. You should be proud of me…sorta. I did that heel and actually like the way it looked the first time. The second time I blew it. What is it about that technique that drives me mad? Yours looks fab!

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