Friday Inspiration

I haven’t had any real focus on sweater projects lately. I want to knit a sweater — I just keep getting pulled in all directions.
I’ve been looking though lots of blogs, galleries, and some of my older knitting mags — looking for that *perfect* sweater to draw me in.
Then this morning I got an email from Phildar and looked at their new books. There are a few in there that are seriously worth consideration.

Phildar417_11     Phildar441_18_1
from Irlandais 2004 from Winter 05/06

The books are only in French, and while I think it’s fun to try and translate from French, there’s also an English Knit Along for the camel-colored top. The best part? Someone posted an English translation!
I like both of these sweaters a lot. Now for the big question — is there anything in my stash for either of these?

20 thoughts on “Friday Inspiration

  1. if you want to have fun of translating and trade, I can walk down the street and grab either magazine for you…
    also there are a lot of good translating links, but note that the adjustment to how Phildar writes their patterns can sometimes be painful :)

  2. Seeing that lovely teal pullover, I think I might want to look into this too! Both are really gorgeous. How are Phildar patterns in their *ahem* busty measurements? Both of those models look as flat as Oklahoma… hehe 😉

  3. I love the green one! The camel intrigues me…I love the sleeve detail and the collar, but am not sure if I like the design down the front. I guess that could be left off…

  4. Those sweaters are fabulous. I always love Phildar, and wish it were easier to get state-side. I made the Cardi Raye and it was relatively painless, once it was translated.

  5. I like the one on the right. I know it’s a hooded cardi, but it could very well work as a hooded v-neck. In any case, I’m sure you’ll have stash yarn. Or go out and buy some! :-)

  6. if anyone knows where I can get the teal pattern I would be thrilled.
    It’s giving me the worst case of sweater envy!

  7. Both of those sweaters are gorgeous! I already printed the instructions for the camel colored one and am going through the stash to see if anything is appropriate. It would be too bad if I had to visit my LYS;).

  8. I love both of those jumpers. My fave has got to be the green one though. Its so wearable, so much so in fact, its worth a purchase.

  9. Hello hello, I fell in love with that turquois sweater and sent a coworker to the Phildar shop close to where she lives. She said she checked ALL of the 2005 books and couldn’t find it. Could you email me with more details about what book it is in? Oh, and if you need help with the french, I can help… I am fluent in that language :)
    Thank you and have a gorgeous day, Eva
    PS: I enjoy reading your blog :)

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