i love lace

I’m teaching a beginner’s lace class at Woolbearers in March.
I’ll be using the leaf lace shawl by fibertrends. I thought it would be a good one because it:

  • uses a simple provisional cast-on
  • includes both line-by-line instructions and charts
  • works well in a variety of weights — especially nice for beginners

leaf lace shawl by fibertrends

I’m using lacey lamb and I *love* it. The label is all in chinese and I’ve always thought this yarn was cashmere — but it’s not! It’s 100% extra fine lambswool and they say it’s machine washable.
Don’t worry — there isn’t a chance in hell I’ll be dropping this baby in the washer. But still, there’s something enchanting about a yarn that’s so soft and fragile and can still hold its own against the ol’ Maytag.
So the yarn — if you haven’t tried it yet you really need to. At $14/ball it’s a great deal and I think it’s a perfect Christmas gift for a lace knitter. It does split on occasion but nothing that’s too bad. I just need to be conscious of it while doing k2togs.
I’m enjoying this yarn so much that I knitted way past what I told myself I needed to get done this weekend. I ended up not starting on Sugarplum until around 9pm on Sunday. It isn’t such a bad thing because the quicker I get this sample done the quicker I’ll get students signed up for the class.

12 thoughts on “i love lace

  1. Jody… can I take your class? :) I’m just embarking on my own first lace adventure, and *that’s* the pattern that I’ll be using! Furthermore, although I’m not using Lacey Lamb, I have fondled it many times at the LYS – oh man, it’s good stuff. Let us know if you run into any problems, because I’d love to use next it if the whole lace thing sticks.

  2. What a great piece to teach. Its pretty and not too intimidating for a beginners class. Good luck with it. Looking forward to seeing progress on Sugarplum.

  3. Wow. That’s so pretty! I’m convinced I won’t be able to do things like that until both of my children are in college. lol I can not do anything that requires that much attention with them around me.

  4. It’s so tricky picking projects that are right for teaching – thanks for this tip! I clicked on the Lacy Lamb link and I thought they look like Christmas ornaments!

  5. That’s very pretty. And I may be teaching a beginner lace knitting class at my LYS, so it’s good to know that you think that would be a good beginning pattern.

  6. Beautiful Lace Jody! The Lacey Lamb looks delicious! Oh to have an LYS
    I CANNOT believe your sock pal crapped out on you Hunny!! I’ll knit you some socks if you send me your stats and addy!! I’m sorry some people are such losers! Alison’s sockapalooza is the only “swap” I’m willing to do anymore, got burned twice, no more! Now I’m rethinking Sockapalooza 3!
    Sheesh, some people are so thoughtless…but I’ll pinch-hit if you want :)
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Jody!

  7. I like the lacey shawl and am interested in taking your class at Woolbearers. Do you know the date for the class? I have a very busy schedule and would love to take the class. Let me know.

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