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I want my MTV Interweave!
Is it me or does it seem a little late? Did I miss the Winter issue’s preview? Am I the only one worried about what the issue will look like now that Interweave Press has been bought out?
I got so edgy about the next issue that I called Interweave. They said the issues started mailing out on October 15th. That’s almost 3 weeks ago! Has anyone gotten their copy yet?
I’ve been patiently waiting for it to come out, trying to keep going with some smaller projects. I really want to take on a big sweater project. So c’mon Interweave, help a girl out. And while you’re at it, if you could create projects that will work with my stash yarn I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.
And now for a little fun…

How many brioche stitch projects will be in IK Winter 2005?
None — New management focus will be on the joys of fun fur.
At least 2 — It would be like asking Kathy Zimmerman to stop designing with cables!
Who cares as long as there are no knitted ties!

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  1. I haven’t gotten mine either. I know that when I moved I immediately changed my address to my new residence. It could be that the mail is overwhelmed with all the catalogue crap that is coming out before Thanksgiving. Not only do I get my catalogues but the previous owners catalogues as well. Lots of paper trash! I would like to talk to you about your experience blogging, why you chose typepad and I’m the person considering a change in career. (It’s been a really weird year so far, lots of changes.)

  2. i haven’t received mine either. i’ve been paranoid that my subscription ran out and i forgot to renew. i hope it shows up soon!

  3. No interweave in sight over here either, or the preview.. I was beginning to think they used Knitscene to replace the winter issue! Hope it comes soon..

  4. That is weird that they told you Oct 15th. Haven’t got mine yet, either. They better get on the ball! Yeah–that’s right. NO more knit ties. hehe

  5. The winter IK isn’t due until mid-December. The October date was for Knitscene.
    From the IK site, ”
    Winter 2005 Issue – On Newsstands December 13, 2005
    * Short Row Applications: You know short rows are cool, but do you know when and how to use them? We take you “behind the stitches” to find out.
    * Veronik Avery: Famous for her flattering and stylish designs, Veroniks never fails to give knitters something delightful to fill their needles. In this Designer Profile, we’ll talk with Veronik and find out what inspires her creativity.
    * And of course, we’ll have jackets, sweaters, gifts, and more of everything you love about Knits!”

  6. I’ve been checking the site compulsively, waiting for previews too. Now I actually like brioche so I wouldn’t mind some nice patterns in it.

  7. Mid-December!?Haha, I received the last issue three months (!!!) late, so I’ll be lucky if I have the Winter issue by Easter!!

  8. Hope you don’t mind I mentioned you on my blog today. I told you I just HAD to make the Here and There Cables scarf after seeing yours. Thanks for the info, it helps to know just how much one ball of yarn is going to get you. I used your 13 inches advice and I bought 5! Thanks again :)

  9. Thanks! I thought the 72 CO seemed a bit wide myself :) I really appreciate the help and advice. I hope you are going to finish that one you do beautiful cables.

  10. Of course you got a bill… no one forgets those!
    It seems like forever since the last IK issue! It also seems that we should’ve been able to view the newsletter/materials list by now too.. maybe things are changing with the new owners.

  11. I hold out no hope for a quick answer as us Aussies get out issues many months after you guys, but after buying Knitters Universe yesterday, I thought I should let you know if you need any knitted tie patterns you can check that mag out. Drat! Don’t think newsagents take magazines back after you have read them and hated them…..

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