Tess, finally


I’ve had this Tess yarn wound up for 3 months now! At first I thought I’d make gauntlets, but that didn’t take. Then I tried a few stitch patterns to use as a scarf but the colors were too bright and crayon-like for me to think I’d actually wear it as a scarf.
In the end I went back to my go-to project — socks.
Do I really need to tell you the pattern?
In true grumperina form, I have made a couple changes. I prefered the way the yarn knitted up at 9 spi. I know it’s really tiny but I just don’t like loosey goosey knitted socks. They look bad and they wear worse. So, I cast on for the larger sock size and actually got a sock that matches the smaller size — perfect.
The other change I made was to use a tubular cast on and a 1×1 rib. Why? The 1×1 tubular cast on is *so* much quicker. At 9 spi I figured I earned at least one short cut.
I do have one other change in mind. Christy you probably know what it is since I told you I liked your sock that used it this weekend.
The rest of you will have to wait a few days. I’m such a tease, aren’t I?

10 thoughts on “Tess, finally

  1. Ah, Tess yarn is so much fun to work with! I haven’t tried the variegated kind, but I really like the way yours is knitting up. Beautiful! 😉

  2. Love the sock! So cheerful!!
    I love that you always make a pattern “your own”…I do too :)
    I wonder why no one (that I’ve seen on blogs) has tried just a garter stitch border for the first 5 rows…that would really highlight the pretty wavy edge…mmmm maybe I will!
    I love the Tubular cast on and think the extra fuss and time is worth it but I’m just not a 1×1 rib kinda girl! So yes, it takes me 4 hours to cast on, heheh (just kidding!)

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