20ish? Yeah…in base 16

I catalogued all my sock yarn. 20 wasn’t even close. I have yarn for a solid 31 pairs. This does not include yarn that’s not necessarily for socks (e.g. Schaffer Anne). I’m tempted to declare January a War on Socks, but that’ll surely jinx me.

  1. Artyarns Supermerino Pink and Peach (110)
  2. Artyarns Supermerino 4 Turquoise and Green (123)
  3. Dale Baby Ull Pink with green and dark pink (?)
  4. Elann Sock It To Me Colori Pink with turquoise and purple (29)
  5. Fortissima Colori Socka Color Denim print (9099)
  6. Fortissima Socka Cream (1048)
  7. Hand Jive Cream dotted with pink (Odd Duck #7)
  8. KnitPicks Essential Burgundy (23698)
  9. KnitPicks Essential Dusk (23693)
  10. KnitPicks Essential Pumpkin (23699)
  11. Koigu Gold and Green (P301)
  12. Koigu Navy with bits of orange and mossy green (?)
  13. Koigu Pink with lavender and green (P219)
  14. Koigu Pink, Red, Orange and Purple (P807)
  15. Koigu Purple and Fuschia (?)
  16. Louet Gems Marine Blue (?)
  17. Louet Gems Opal Pink (?)
  18. Mountain Colors Bearfoot Dark Navy with subtle purples (Thunderhead)
  19. Opal Dark Blue and White (Farbe 5 Partie 16)
  20. Plymouth Sockotta Black with rainbow (20)
  21. Plymouth Sockotta White with gray (18)
  22. Regia 4ply Color Navy with light blue and brown (5171)
  23. Regia 4ply Color Reds (5571)
  24. Regia 4Ply Colors Light blue and tan (?)
  25. Regia Crazy Color Bright pink and black stripes (5402)
  26. Regia Jubilee Pink (India)
  27. Skacel Trampoline Red with green and yellow (233)
  28. Sock It To Me Colori Turquoise and Blue with pink and green (33)
  29. Spirit Trail Superwash Merino Teal and brown with some pink – 18-20 spi (48-04-04-01)
  30. Steinbach Wolle Strapaz Multi Purples with green and gold (114)
  31. Trekking XXL Purples with bits of pink (78)

* indicates SIP

22 thoughts on “20ish? Yeah…in base 16

  1. Wow! That’s impressive. Like, about $500 in sock yarns! You could start your own store…
    Makes me think I can go out and augment my measly sock yarn stash — I’ve only got 5 or 6 pairs worth.

  2. LOL… I think I have about as much… only problem… I’ve not managed to produce one single sock so far LOL… I’ve got 2 rows done on another try of a cuff down sock. It is some Opal hand painted yarn in medium grey, dark grey and a sky blue… gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Just need to figure this whole sock thing out I guess.

  3. Loving the math reference in the subject.
    Perhaps part of our sock problem is that we tend to pick up a few skeins when we go to MS&W and Stitches when we can’t find anything else we want.

  4. Okay – this was exactly what I needed. I’m going to go home and catalog my sock yarn as well. Maybe *that* will convince me that probably, for now at least, I have *enough*. cough. cough.

  5. Mmmmm…mountain colors! Hold me back! I made a pair out of that exact same colorway and it’s one of my favorites.
    It may be alot, but at least they’re pretty to pet and look at.

  6. I was surprised by how my sock stash is too. Sock yarn is pretty small and one can easily and inexpensively–comparatively–purchase enough for a project! If I go to a shop and can’t really find anything–I often buy sock yarn! Too easy to stash–and I have only finished two pairs. Pulse warmers are nice in fingering.

  7. Thanks for posting your sock inventory – I’m greatful to see that other people’s sock stashs are equal to or larger than mine! And I feel for you and the six different socks since the same thing happened to me last summer.

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