Koigu Contest

Interesting comments to yesterday’s post! Some of my favs:

  • Christy and Katy had similar points in suggesting if we go shopping and can’t find anything else that we’ll buy sock yarn so we don’t come home empty handed. This one hit home. I am positive that I do this (although I never noticed it until she said something).
  • Johanna suggests I forget about knitting all the yarn and just roll in it. I like her style!
  • Kris made me laugh when she said she plans to catalog her sock yarn before her next order arrives

And this one is the one that made me really think…

  • Amy suggests I use the Koigu for something else.

I have considered that, but dismissed it because all the colors I listed are doubles. I bought 2 hanks just for socks. It doesn’t mean I _have_ to make them into socks, but it seems like the best fit.
It got me thinking “What else could I do with all these double hanks of Koigu?”. The 2 hanks total 350 yards, so I have 350 yards of each of the colors you see here.


So — the contest…
What is your best suggestion for how to use this yarn? Use one ball, or many. Mix and match as you like. I will say that my inclination is to not split up the 2 hanks of the same color, but I’m open. My favorite suggestion wins…what else? A couple hanks of Koigu — maybe from the stash, maybe new. I haven’t decided yet.
So give me your best idea. I’ll leave the contest running until Saturday.

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