Review: Soho Scarf


I made this mistake rib scarf in November 2004. It’s a pretty basic scarf and normally wouldn’t warrant a look back.
Except for this…

The single ply yarn has developed a strong white halo (better visible if you view the enlarged version of the closeup). The colors have clouded and the texture has changed too. It’s…hardened. The scarf has lost its drape, it’s stretched out and narrowed as well. This combined with the texture changes make it hard to wrap around me in a way that actually covers my neck sufficiently. And the fringe edges keep sticking together too. It feels like it’s in a pre-felting stage.
I blame all these problems on the yarn. I can’t imagine a sweater in this yarn would wear very well. The scarf wasn’t my everyday scarf so it didn’t get a ton of wear. I’d envision the same hardening/felting happening at the elbows or where the arms rub against the body sides.
I really don’t recommend this yarn.

9 thoughts on “Review: Soho Scarf

  1. That’s a shame, because it’s gorgeous. Can you rip out the scarf and reshape the yarn into something to be felted? Because it really looks like it would make a lovely felted item – a small bowl or bag, perhaps.

  2. I believe single ply yarns aren’t good for sweaters anyway. The felting is a different matterl. I also believe you could rip it and use it for another purpose.

  3. I second Kitty’s question…that looks a lot like Manos, and I’ve recently realized a similar think about a scarf I made last year. I didn’t think about it being the Manos – it’s three strands, one of M., one of mohair, and one of brushed alpaca, so it could be any one of them, but now this makes me wonder…..

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