FO: India Socks


Another pair from the pile of socks-in-progress is done. And this one meets two goals. I took notes on sock one so I could reproduce it on sock two. And, I’ve finished another 2005 MDSW yarn purchase.

Indiastripes_1 Indiaincs_1
matching stripes courtesy of
my handy dandy notebook
increases and the tubular bind off

Yarn Regia Jubilee — India Colorway
Needles 2 Addi Turbo 2.25mm (US #1)
Pattern Basic 60 stitch toe-up with a figure 8 toe and a short row heel. I did calf increases so I could make them longer without cutting off my circulation. To fit my leg, I increased 2 sts every 4 rows a total of 8 times (to bring the stitch total to 76 sts).
Gauge 8.5 stitches per inch
The tubular bind-off was fun but took some practice. The second step (when you’re going through stitch 3 purlwise, while stitch 2 is still on the needle) needed to be looser than I originally thought. I had trouble making it loose without being loopy until I started stretching the ribbing after performing each step. I just did a quick stretch and it really seemed to make everything look nice and smooth — and stretchy.
I love these socks so much that I’ve already worn them twice in just a few days. I washed and dried them inside out and they did just fine in the laundry. Their first wash definitely softened them up a bit too.

44 thoughts on “FO: India Socks

  1. Gorgeous socks!!!! I’m off to figure out what the tubular cast off is :)
    Cheers Eva
    PS – it’s good to “see” you again :)

  2. Love the socks! I have that solorway in my infinite sock yarn stash. I also love that sweater pattern. I’ve been searching for something to do w/ some Cork…

  3. hurrah for new socks! they are gorgeous! india is one of the few self-patterning colourways i like, and i curse myself for not having discovered it before it was discontinued.
    btw, the addi turbo #1s are actually 2.5mm – they don’t do 2.25 :-(

  4. Beautiful socks! Those are the best short row heels I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to try some toe up socks soon. Thanks for the great pics.

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