Yup, the cowl’s done. All I have is a few hours worth of sleeve knitting and this will be totally done!
If all goes well I’ll be able to wear it out to dinner tomorrow night.
I never thought that’d be possible two weeks ago when I cast on. Imagine how much I could get done if I was this focused all the time!

18 thoughts on “Cowl!

  1. so does it fit like you want it to fit? such pretty yarn!! I wish I had gotten that color at webs but well I have SO MUCH in that color right now.

  2. That looks great! I love it in the tweedy yarn. And thanks for the tips on the mods. This is near on my to-do list…and I will keep them in mind!

  3. That’s what I found so amazing about the Knitting Olympics, or when I travel – incredible how much I can get done when I’m only working on that.
    Looks great.

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