Somewhat-Somewhat Cowl


I started a new project! Surprised? Of course you’re not.
Here’s something that will probably surprise you. This is the only project I’ve worked on since I started it on Friday.
It’s the Somewhat Cowl in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed.
I’m calling it the Somewhat Somewhat Cowl because I’ve already made a few changes (but you knew I would right?)
I’m getting 5.5 instead of 6 stitches per inch. That was an easy alteration. I just used the cast on numbers for a size smaller and it worked out fine.
I’ve also shortened the depth of the raglan. For my size it said 11.5 or 12 inches, but that would have been too long. So mine is around 9.5 and it’s giving me a much more snug fit.
I also started the cowl only an inch below the armholes because otherwise I’d have no choice but to wear it with a tank underneath and I didn’t want to be stuck wearing it that way all the time.
And finally, instead of casting on all the central stitches for the cowl at once, I did it over 6 rows. I don’t think this change is going to really do much. If I had thought about it sooner I would have started maybe 2 or even 3 inches above but I didn’t. I had wanted to create more of a V look but it didn’t happen. I think it will be fine because once the cowl is folded over it will do some of that V anyway.
I don’t want to jinx myself but the fit is fabulous so far! Because it’s a closer fit I am going to do some short rowing, and that should happen tonight. After that, I may or may not add in waist shaping (not sure if I’ll need it since this isn’t a loose top anyway). The great thing about top-down is you can make the decision as you knit.
One thing (and I’m writing it here to remind myself as much as to share it with you all) that I did this time was to join the front and back a little before I felt like I should. Meaning, it seemed like it would be a little tight if I joined it when I did, but I did it anyway. I was matching it up against another top I have and the measurements said it was the right time. Still, when I put it on I was afraid it was going to bind under the arms. I trusted the measurements and I’m really happy I did. Lesson learned — knitting stretches a lot. Yes, I knew that (and I’m sure you all did too) but if you’re like me you’re so fearful of something being too small that you err on the side of making it too big. This time I decided it’ll only be an hour or so of knitting before I’d be able to tell for sure, and that seemed like a reasonable amount of time to give up for a better fitting top.

14 thoughts on “Somewhat-Somewhat Cowl

  1. I just went through this same process on my Picovoli (my last post on my blog is almost identical to yours!) — gotta love top-down sweaters!

  2. its looking great so far!! when I knit mine, I think the cowl part was too tight, so make sure to pick up at least enough, or more stitches for the cowl.

  3. I am knitting this too, you know the sexy knitters club is knitting this right now right?
    I am going to do a essential stripe first though because I like how my other one turned out and I want something to wear to MSW!
    I love that tweedy pretty yarn, I can’t wait to see it on!

  4. Looks great so far…I’m always amazed at knitters who can make changes to the existing pattern. That’s so cool. Love the color too… :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your revisions to this cute pattern! I’ve got some Silky Wool that I was originally going to use for a Not So Shrunken Cardi, but somehow I fell out of love with it. I’ve considered using it for the S. Cowl and for a couple of other projects. I’ll be very interested to see how yours progresses!

  6. Great new sweater! Can’t wait to see it on you!
    Didn’t you promise to do a tutorial a few weeks back? I can’t remember what you were doing it on but I know I was eager to see it! I’m hoping posting this tickles BOTH our brains! :)

  7. Hey now!!! Well at least I can watch first and then work on it second :) (I have the Tivoli and Salina to finish knitting plus Cutaway to seam up so I shouldnt get too ahead of myself anyways :)

  8. Thank you so much for the heads up.
    I was just about to start the somewhat cowl, I just purchased it from knit n tonic. I love that girl. But I was wondering about the fit under the arms and all the other questions you answered for me.
    Thanks again
    Happy knitting

  9. heh, i think you basically altered it to be the Essential Stripe pattern she sells as well! I’m knitting my second one right now. I just got some silky tweed and your motivating me to use it for another one of these. I wanted to use it for knittys tubey but someone commmented they didn’t think it would do well with the shape of the tubey or something about the silky wool elasticity and stuff.

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