Diamond Lace – Yoke


The yoke is just about done. Just to make sure I tried it on. It’s about 3/4″ above my tank top at my underarm.
I’m going to do 2 more rows and then cast on underarm stitches and join the body. When I did Somewhat Cowl I joined when I hit the top of my tank top and I found that it got lower afterwards. So I think this will make a slightly better fit. The armhole depth should be about 3/4″ shallower than Somewhat Cowl.
As many of you know, I’m obsessed with armhole depth. I think it’s one of the crucial measurements that makes or breaks a well-fitting top. Most patterns have armholes that are too deep in my opinion. I’m not sure why. Stylistic preference? Easier for mass-fitting? Lack of knowledge? Or maybe I’m just really short? Not sure.
So, this is one of those measurements I’ve been paying a lot of attention to in terms of how it will play out in the patterns that I write. I’ve scoured books and the internet for “standard” body measurements (all over the map!), I’ve compared sizing of some popular brands (just as many differences) and realized that this is an issue that a lot of designers struggle with getting right.
I’ve been considering giving 3 sets of directions for armhole and body shaping — petite, “average”, tall. It would mean more work, and it would mean I’d probably opt for a pattern price of $6.50 versus $5 or $5.50. What do you think? Is it worth it to you? I think it would be, but as the one creating it my opinion is far from unbiased.
Landscaping Update
Remember the grass planting from last month? Well, take a look here and here. Yes, we have grass! The side by the house has been planted for almost 5 weeks, and the side by the street for almost 3 weeks. When school finally lets out, I think we’ll be able to remove the stakes too. They’re tacky, but were totally necessary. After the first day without them there were a dozen footprints scattered among the seeds.

27 thoughts on “Diamond Lace – Yoke

  1. Hi Jody, I’m delurking to say that I think you should go the extra mile (and charge more.) I love patterns that come from knit bloggers – because they are great learning experiences. Providing three options would be a great exercise for a knitter to learn what fits them best.
    Good Luck!

  2. I totally hear you. I obsess over armhole depth, simply obsess. I want to know the brainiacs who advise 10″ deep armholes for my size, and I also want to know who came up with those standard finished dimensions charts I see all over the web (so, so wrong). When designing the Pico, I did all the things you did, remained hugely disappointed, and then proceeded to measure probably 3 dozen female friends of mine, of all shapes and sizes. To me it seemed like the only legitimate option.

  3. hee hee. Keep off the grass signs. They rock!
    $6.50 isn’t too much for a pattern, especially if you are going to pay attention to details like armhole depth. It’s looking really good.

  4. The grass looks great…the stakes are totally understandable. You know the Children of America HAVE to walk across your grass.

  5. Jody, I will pay $6.50. After all, you are doing ALL the work and if that work provides a perfect fit, it’s totally worth the money. I mean, if I wanted to work my ass off I could just follow your progress and copy your top, but then it would be ME doing all the thinking and the math! Don’t worry that it’s too expensive, because it’s not.

  6. I will delurk, too. I would absolutely pay more for the pattern, that information would be really worth it to me.

  7. Hey! It’s not purple anymore!
    Well, it looks okay. For grass. I guess.
    The yoke looks great. (I’m not qualified to comment on the cost, though, so I can’t help you with that!)

  8. I would totally pay extra for a pattern that had petite sizing. Please remember that just because my torso is short, I still have a normal bust size. I can’t stand petite sizing that only offers a size 2, when I am a 12 but short.

  9. That’s a great idea. I wish patterns came in petite sizes. That would be so perfect for me. 😀
    Congratulations on that grass. It looks really good. The hard work really paid off.

  10. Considering how many $5 patterns there are out there that don’t even give any measurements besides bust size, $6.50 for that additional detail would be a bargain!

  11. armhole depth is my biggest concern along with chest meaurements for a pattern. if you go the extra mile, it’s totally worth the $6.50 price tag.

  12. I don’t consider myself petite but I am short through the torso and always have to alter things (especially obvious with sleeveless/strapped things, like swimsuits, tank tops, sundresses, my wedding dress, etc.). I would definitely pay a couple bucks more for a Jody-designed pattern because I know how important the details are to you. The top looks great so far!

  13. mmmm, new grass.
    seriously, i was looking at my side garden last night and thinking I AM JUST GOING TO RIP EVERYTHING THE HELL OUT. seeing your lawn pics brings me that much closer…

  14. To have a well written pattern that actually focuses on individualized fit would totally be worth AT LEAST $6.50!! I say go for it! :)

  15. Your diamond top is very pretty and $6.50 is worth it ! I would purchase it!
    Are you using DK weight yarn , sport weight? Just curious. It looks light and dainty. Love it!

  16. I was amazed to discover that a 7-inch armhole height is what fits me–especially after knowing what the patterns recommend.
    Love the different scale options, I would pay $6.50 to get a better detailed pattern with more options.

  17. I work at a yarn store, and I KNOW people will pay extra for a pattern they love, especially if they see such fine knitterly detail!

  18. Yes, I would pay $6.50 for that pattern.
    How (and where) do you measure armhole depth??
    I hate that underarm sag.
    That top is going to be pretty. Let me know when the pattern is ready.

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