Is this really Berroco?

Like most of you, I got the Berroco newsletter in my email this morning. It’s for their Fall/Winter 60-07 Line
Usually I don’t say anything about it, and instead look forward to seeing what Jessica chooses for her next “Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?” installment.
But this week, there’s something worth mentioning. These designs aren’t half bad! And a couple of the yarns are even, dare I say, nice.
Here’s my review. I’m leaving the more “interesting” designs for Jessica. I wouldn’t want to steal her thunder.
Trixie and Tara from Booklet #254 Trilogy.
The yarn is a new yarn also called Trilogy. Berroco describes it as “a feminine alternative to tweed“. It’s 32% wool, 28% cotton, 40% nylon. It looks a bit shiny for my taste but I’d have to see it in person. The nice thing about both of these designs is that it will showcase many lovely yarns.

Trixie.jpg tara.jpg
trixie – LOVE the shape tara – a classic jacket

Then there’s Mimsie from Booklet #253 Smart Mohair.
mimsie — fun shape!

Smart Mohair, the yarn looks quite promising. It’s 41% mohair, 54% acrylic, and 5% stretch polyester. To quote Berroco “Why is this yarn smart? It’s a soft and lofty mohair blend with elastic memory.
With that much acrylic the jury’s still out, but it does have promise. I know, some of you are purists, but for me it’s all in how the yarn feels in my hand. There are certain kinds of silks that I just won’t buy because it feels funky. If it feels good, and I’ll feel good in it, then I’m all for it.
A couple other notables include Keltic a slowly variegating yarn that reminds me of a thick Trekking. See it worked up into a few patterns here in Book #249 Keltic.
And finally, does this look familiar? coughClapotiscough

8 thoughts on “Is this really Berroco?

  1. My sentiments exactly! I was quite pleasantly surprised with some of the new yarns, and even the patterns. There was one of the Keltic patterns that I really liked.
    Must be Norah Gaughan’s influence! there is hope for Berroco yet!

  2. I was also planning on mentioning that most of the stuff isn’t a complete embarrassment. But some other stuff…well…it is still Berroco. :)

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