The Math Never Lies, Part 2

My brother IMs me at work yesterday and we start talking about the crib that he’s making.
this is of interest for 2 reasons, the obvious one, and the fact that it’s supposed to be the main attraction at the shower and he wanted to drape the blanket on it so it’s not just a big piece of wood sitting in the middle of the yard
He tells me that he’s sweating it out because it needs a few more coats of shellac and the garage door broke the other night and so he really has to work on that first.
So I suggest, finish the crib on Saturday, then do the door on Sunday while we’re all at the shower. Simple, and both will be done by the end of the weekend.
here’s where the problem arises
Small issue with that…the shower is on SATURDAY.
I have no idea how I fabricated that it was on Sunday, but after a panicked call to my mom I confirmed that the father-to-be of my blanket-to-be was right.
So, dear friends, thank you for all the encouraging words. But, unless the encouragement comes with a flight to Philadelphia and an all-night knitting party on Friday night, it’s not going to happen.
It is mathematically impossible.
So, I have 3 choices:

  • Finish whatever I possibly can, and giftwrap it with a little “in-progress” note. Shudder when she opens it up in front of everyone
  • Make a small complimentary pillow, stuff it, wrap that with a little “blankie-to-come” note.
  • Knit up a quick baby sweater. I keep reading on other people’s blogs that they got a garter stitch baby jacket done in a night. Is that crazy? I’ve never knit a baby sweater but that seems optimistic

None of these options are exciting me, but I have 55 hours from the moment I’m writing this, 24 of those spent at work or commuting to/from work. Throw in some sleep and a few showers, and it’s not happening.
What would you do?

30 thoughts on “The Math Never Lies, Part 2

  1. The in-progress with a note. They want it done (and so do you) some time. No point making more work so you might never finish it, a blanket is way more special than a little coat and a pillow? Nah!
    And don’t shudder when she opens it, know that the time you have spent on it is more than most will have on buying something cute, your brother will love that you have made something to work with what he has made too.
    That’d work for me and my bro and co, anyway!

  2. I like the pillow idea! Yes, it ends up being more knitting for you, but a pillow to throw on a rocking/gliding chair/the floor is a nice accent in a baby’s room!

  3. Either the pillow with a note that mentions the matching blanket or the baby sweater and suprise them with the blanket later.

  4. This baby isn’t born yet, right? As long as you get it done by her due date, I don’t think she’ll be in any way offended if you give her a WIP. Bring your knitting with you to the shower so folks can see you in action, and all the work it takes to make something.

  5. Hmm, I would say that the best option would be a little pair of booties or a little teddy bear in the blanket yarn with a card that says that more is to come. Then you aren’t out much knitting time or yarn but you still have a nice little something to open at the shower.

  6. I like the booties or pillow idea. But I’ve given almost done presents for Christmas so that works too. Any way you do it it will be fine and not at all embarassing. I have a friend who is just finishing a blanket for her now 1 year old nephew.

  7. At my baby shower, the one handknit I received was a half-done fair-isle yoke sweater that my mom’s best friend (who was the one who taught me to knit when I was a kid, incidentally) knitted the whole time I opened gifts. It was completed well after the baby was born. I still cherish it deeply.
    Give a WIP. Focus on knitting the blanket, and buy the baby a wonderful book to wrap up and maybe put a tiny blanket swatch in the card. Knit the blanket at the shower. They’ll love it because it is from you. It is OK to the your most human with your brother, I can tell.

  8. In progress blankie, definitely. Absolutely not the sweater! Don’t kill yourself with extra work on something that isn’t what you really want to give the baby; racing against time like that, something will inevitably go wrong in the wee hours and you’ll end up weeping and throwing it all down in despair and wrapping the in progress blankie with a note anyway. (ask me how I know that this is what will happen. . . ) So, just get the blankie to a presentable stage, wrap it up and get some sleep so you’re not tired and miserable at the shower. And as long as it’s done by the due date, there’s no shame.

  9. I’d buy something nice, like a teddy bear or similar, wrap it with a note enclosed. I’ve done the wrap-the-wip and it is embarassing.

  10. Go to Target, find receiving blankets, binkies, cute hat, give that with a little note saying that a blanket is in progress. It’s a two fer, if something should go wrong with the blanket you are covered, you’ve given a nice little gift so no guilt and knowing that a blanket is coming and not in progress gives her time to digest all the changes that are about to happen. Giving the blanket after the hoopla might even be more personal-Just a thought

  11. OK. That sucks, big time.
    Let’s seee…I would get a little stuffed animal, make a complementary pillow, and put it all together with a nice picture of the blanket (either the WIP or the pattern pic, or both), and a note letting her know you’re working on it.
    Good luck!

  12. I say go with the pillow option–it’s quick, and you can get away with just knitting the front and using a fun baby fabric on the back.
    then, work on the blanket during the shower…

  13. I’d give either a pillow or a nice card with a picture of the blanket on it. (You could photoshop in the right colors, perhaps?) Or both. I wouldn’t spend time with a sweater — it can be done, but any knitting time should be spent on the blanket — eyes on the prize!

  14. if you really like the idea of the blanket, just devote all your free time from now to the shower to knitting it. Other items just dilute the gift, and will make you crazy. It will be ok if its not totally done in time. Noone will remember that it wasn’t done for the shower. Maybe change your deadline to the baby’s arrival.
    ps – got any spare vaca days to take?

  15. argh! you poor thing. i say in-progress-with-a-note and then throw in a cute burping blanket from mason dixon knitting.. or a few washclothes. something quick and fast that they can see at the shower :)

  16. Knit a baby bib and include a blankie in progress note in the card. The knit bibs from MDK are FAST (just a few hours) and very well received – I had a request for more from the parents less than a week after they received the first one.

  17. I like the pillow idea, or the WIP. I think it is important for them to realize how much you put into it! Good luck, Jody!

  18. I think I would include the blanket-in-progress or a pillow so that they’ll get an idea of the gorgeousness that is The Blanket.
    At the same time, I can report that I just whipped up Daisy from Knitty in about a day and it turned out really, really cute. I used Cotton Fleece and the smallest size and needed just over a skein, FYI.

  19. My vote is for a purchased coordinating gift with note for more later. If you must give something knit, the pillow is a fantastic idea because it’s fast. The sweater idea is asking for trouble and the half-finished blanket sounds like it would bother you to give and might add to your guilt as you finish the blankie. Don’t knit guilt into a baby gift. Have fun at the shower! congrats auntie!

  20. Pillow. Pillows are underrated for babies. They are great for playing on the floor with AND when the wee one moves to a toddler bed it is nice to have a small pillow for them to sleep with/on.

  21. Eek! That sucks! Any extra vacation time to burn? Just kidding! I think something small with a note that the blankie, like the kid, is on the way would probably be fine.

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