The Math Never Lies, Part 4

OK, dear readers, you were right again. Several of you implored me to weave them in as I go.
I really didn’t want to do that though. As we all know, if the knitting is done, we can claim an FO.
well, not really, but doesn’t it FEEL like an FO?
Then I did a little math.
always, always, trust the math
84 diamonds * 4 ends per diamond = TMFE*
So, I’ve started knitting in the ends that get created when I start a new diamond. That halves the total number of ends.
And then, I’ve been occasionally weaving in some ends just for fun.
not really for fun, but certainly for good my sanity
Here’s the latest shot. It’s a little over 25% done — which means it’s officially growing at a speed several times faster than baby p.


too many fucking ends…336 to be precise

16 thoughts on “The Math Never Lies, Part 4

  1. That’s a hell of a lot of ends. You are very wise to weave as you go.
    Just one thing to say about that: Better you than me. :)

  2. I LOVE your pattern and color choices. I just started an entrelac babie blanket as well…no where near as many ends…but defintely not as ummmm challenging/intrecate or amazing! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. it’s really growing! it’s nice to have these progress shots and see how far a knit comes in a certain amount of time. it’s almost like WE’RE THERE. RIGHT BEHIND YOU. WATCHING YOU KNIT. isn’t that amazing? :)

  4. Just for fun! I so know what you mean! But throwing in that extra here and there is so helpful. Don’t know what you are using but Chibi has a little darning needle set and the end is scooped. I love it. It’s smaller than the usual gold chibi.

  5. Wow, it really looks great but my heart goes out for you and all those ends. Only 25% done? Seriously is it a baby blanket or a comforter? Am I missing the scale or is it really going to be big?

  6. Wow that is a ridiculous number of ends. I don’t envy you! But it really is absolutely stunning1 That’s one lucky baby. =)

  7. Gorgeous, but holy crapola, there are a lot of ends there. Would the baby notice if you just tied a few and snipped them close?

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