The Math Never Lies

Blankie 9.5% done Baby P 92.5% done

Pangs of guilt hit me on Sunday and I pulled out the blanket to work on for a bit. I only got 1.5 squares done.
Then last night, after dinner, something clicked. This blanket is for my brother’s baby. The baby for whom he’s spent the past 6 months building a crib. My little nephew. The guy who will carry on the family name.
That’s when I realized: he cannot enter this world without a blankie from me.
We were sitting outside and it was already pretty dark, but I just had to knit a little. I knit a couple squares before I couldn’t see a thing.

I love the design more than ever. The little garter stitch edges give it a great tactile feel, and the RYC Cashsoft is so soft.
The shower is Sunday. Let’s just hope my motivation kicked in soon enough.

19 thoughts on “The Math Never Lies

  1. Wow, such a beautiful design and combination of colors. Love it.
    That is one special guy, and he deserves a beautiful, handknitted-with-love, blanket.
    You MUST do it.
    May the force be with you, Jody.

  2. If all else fails, make it a car seat sized blanket. I know this sounds like cheating, but I have made a couple of my friends car seat blankets and they say they are the most practical and most used blankets that they own. You only need to make it about 18″ wide by 30″ long (so it can be folded over the car seat)

  3. Those squares are absolutely gorgeous! Is this a pattern, or did you design it? I can’t remember, it’s been so long 😉

  4. In my experience deadlines are a strong motivator. And your lucky nephew is going to love getting such a cute blanket knit with love. Good luck!

  5. The design is fabulous. I am sending you vibes so you can keep the knitting mojo with you and finish it in time for the shower.

  6. Those squares kick-ass, the blanket is going to rock. As an aunt myself, those little ones get quite addicted to their blankies. He’s going to love his.

  7. Wow! When I got worried about completetion I made a graph, perhaps more knitting and a simple percentage and I might be closer to mom’s birthday gift on time! Good luck on the shower deadline.

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