A Little Sizzle in Your Life

Knit and Tonic Wendy just released her latest pattern today — it’s called Sizzle (you can buy it over at The Garter Belt). It’s a great little summer tank with a plunge neckline, darts for waist shaping, and side vents — perfect for a hot night on the town, or paired over a shirt for a little more modesty.
Why am I mentioning it? I did the technical editing on the pattern. Many of you know my love for numbers so it’s probably not a big surprise that I do some pattern editing too. I really enjoyed working on this pattern and I’m anxious to hear what you all think! Wendy’s the designer so the kudos go to her for a fun, versatile design.
As for me, I’ll be happy to hear that the top knits to the measurements in the schematic and all the stitch counts make sense. You know, all the little stuff that keeps a pattern editor up at night.

10 thoughts on “A Little Sizzle in Your Life

  1. Hey Jodi – love Wendy’s pattern, and that cable swatch is DE-VINE!
    I’m wondering about Sizzle – see the picture where she’s got that little “bump” of fabric on the back? It’s the same thing with my Somewhat Cowl – that little “bump”…is there a way I can avoid that? I’m thinking it’s because my butt kinda pushes it at such an angle that that extra bit of fabric has nowhere to go, so it gathers in a little lump. Any ideas?

  2. i’m LOVING that tank and the rest of Wendy’s patterns–not to mention her blog name. a woman after my own heart. :-)
    congrats on the number-thing. your skills are awesome!!!

  3. So I know that you are endowed more like me (and neither of us is endowed like the model in the photo.) Does this pattern work well for the bustier among us?

  4. Knowing that you did the tech editing makes this pattern that much more interesting to me. I’ll be watching for finished Sizzles in blogland to see how it looks on different body types.

  5. Good to know you enjoy tech editing. I’m working on several designs of my own and I’ll remember you!! They are all seamless from the top down, but not raglans like most people are used to knitting that way, so I want to make sure people will be able to understand the instructions :)

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