Cool Blanket Patterns

I came across this ebay seller while doing a little blog surfing this morning.
In the spirit of the log cabin blanket that is sweeping the blogs, here are a few other patterns that could be made from scraps. They’re all from the ebay seller woolhelmina and they’re all based on mathematical formulas. Cool!
The only catch is they’re away until mid-August so their auctions are down. if you go to their feedback page you can click on previous sales to see pics. They’re very unique!


A few of my favs:
Curve of Pursuit. See a pic of a finished one with a different color layout here at Smoking Hot Needles(scroll down to the July 13th post)
Square Deal
Double Vision
Several of their blanket patterns as pillow covers

11 thoughts on “Cool Blanket Patterns

  1. Whoa! I absolutely *love* double vision! That’s something I would have sewn as a quilt; I never would have thought to knit something like that! I am so buying that pattern when they come back! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks for the alert — I’ve been thinking about squares lately, but I have the same concern as Colleen. So. Much. Garter.

  3. Wow. That Penrose…gorgeous.
    By the way, how are you going to pick the winner of the magazine issue? I have an extra copy of that same one and would like to give it away too. I’ll wait until you’ve picked someone to put mine up.

  4. I have had so much fun knitting these projects even though i didn’t understand it at first I understood after a littl more reading

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