8 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Jody, how did I not know we were knitting the same thing!? I just started mine last night! I finished the first 6 row repeat of the rib. Oh, I adore these socks! So glad we are both doing them!

  2. Couldn’t see that to begin with, but I think it is a cool way of presenting your knitting. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  3. Are Lolly and you conspiring to make me knit those? They’re so pretty.
    Hope you get some time to rest and knit soon.

  4. Love the socks. As The Harlot put it best…”A ball of sock yarn cost about $16 ….then I knit it up….if I don’t do a pattern or cables or anything at all that would slow me down…it would take me about 16 hrs to complete. That makes my entertainment about a whopping $1 per hour!”
    Gotta love sock knitting!! (And your blog, and The Harlot)

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