The Winner Is….

Before I annouonce the winner, I have to tell you this was hard! I only had one copy to give away and so many people *really* wanted this issue. I was shocked by the popularity of the giveaway, and the fact that so many of you seemed to really want the issue for this project or that. I thought a summer issue wouldn’t be as popular, and since it was only 2 years ago that there wouldn’t be as much of a desire for it. I was wrong!
A few people asked in the comments about shipping outside the US. Of course I’d ship outside the US! So, everyone was entered in the contest (yes, even a stragler who entered in just after midnight EDT). It’s a magazine giveaway, not the lottery. It’s supposed to be fun!
So, who got the issue? gleek! Congratulations! In addition to having the week off of work, she won my little giveaway. Congrats! And thanks to everyone who entered. It was fun to see all the new names.
Oh! For the 50+ of you who didn’t win…I have it on good authority that another giveaway for this same issue will be announced soon.

11 thoughts on “The Winner Is….

  1. Aw shucks; I didn’t win–! But hey, I enjoyed the raffle, and I always enjoy reading your blog. Thanks again for the wee bit of excitement– :)

  2. Hey Jody! thanks for the nice comment on the socks. The yarn is some old koigu I got a while ago. The pattern calls for rowan 4 ply cotton and its kinda similar gauge. They look pretty cute with mary-janes!!
    take care!

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