Progress Report: The Body


So the big black blob of the back is done. I did a quick mattress stitch of the sides and tried it on — success! I can’t be the only one who’s terribly nervous at this point on every sweater, am I?
The motif is stretched a bit more across my body due to the negative ease, but the picture makes it look more skewed than it is. You can’t see how it’s going out and back in around my bust.
The sleeves
I’ve always been curious about top-down set-in sleeves, but then Lauren went and posted about it several times this year and put me over the edge.
I’m thrilled I did. I had very little fretting to do with this sleeve — the thing just worked. It’s the closest I’ve come to knitting magic in a long time.
I feel the way I did the first time I knit a cable or a short row.
In addition to the sleeve cap fitting beautifully, I can now try it on as I go. I have a couple of ideas on sleeve cuff treatments and this will make it so much easier to try them out without the fear of wasting so much time knitting. And, there’s just something simpler about knitting a tube in the round. I know I could have knit the sleeve in the round anyway, but this just makes it that much easier.
I love it.

28 thoughts on “Progress Report: The Body

  1. Wow! It’s looking fantastic. I’m curious about the top down set in sleeves now too. I might have to give that a go on the next project.
    I feel the same way about the point that you can finally try on a sweater. There’s always a twinge of “gah! what if it doesn’t fit” no matter how many times you measure your swatch and the actual project.

  2. Looks great!
    BTW: I’ve knitted 2 sweaters with Cash Iroha and they’ve both stretched slightly.
    Are you aware of the ‘pilling’ issue? ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS!

  3. de-lurking to say FAB.U.LOUS! I’ve been dying to see a modelled shot and it’s a beaut! I love the motif. And no, you’re not the only one who gets nervous at this point. I try my stuff on every 10 rows saying “please, please, please”…

  4. Looking awesome! How are all those ends coming? I’ve still got Lauren’s post saved in my rss reader so if I ever get around to making something for myself with the technique I can find it! :)

  5. wahoo! it’s really coming along! i love the neckline AND i’ve heard great things too about top-down set-in sleeves. you’ll have to give us your final take when you’re all done.

  6. Awesome! What a cool technique! And again, I love the colors you chose for the motif…so neat. You’re not going to write up a pattern or a design chart by any chance are you? I’d pay for one. =)

  7. Looks fabulous…love the design..congrats on it.
    Since you have mastered a top down sleeve, in the round, you should do both from the top down, in the round. Makes it soooo much easier!

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