Progress Report: The Front

front done

I finished the intarsia last weekend but then I stalled — not sure what I wanted to do with the neckline. I decided I wanted something shapely but not fussy — and I wanted the edge to be knit on versus picking up stitches afterwards.
The edge is pretty simple. I slipped the first stitch of the edge to keep them tidy. Then each side has a purl stitch as the third stitch — allowing the edge to roll under just a bit, but stop at the purl stitch. I think it will lay nicely once it’s on, but I have to finish knitting up the back to find out for sure.
Waist Shaping
I did basic waist shaping, decreasing about an inch on either side via
k2, ssk, knit to 4 sts remaining, k2tog, k2

The decreases were knit about an inch apart (the section from the bottom going up toward the waist), but I sped up the increases to accommodate a full bust by spacing the increases only three-quarters of an inch apart. You can see the difference in the photo. I did this instead of short rowing — as an experiment more than anything else. I had planned on short rows and the motif was small enough that short rows would have fit. But, I wanted to see what this did for the fit instead. I won’t know until the back is done and sewn together.
Blocking Cash Iroha
I am *so glad* I washed and blocked my swatch before starting this sweater. This yarn blooms A LOT. Take a look.

I placed the back-in-progress on top of the washed and blocked front. They both have the same number of stitches, yet the front is a good 2 inches wider (at least). See that pencil? That’s how many rows I’ve knit on the back. The row gauge grows considerably too.
I’ve also read that Cash Iroha has a tendency to stretch out as you wear it. I think the sweater will be a tad snug when I first put it on, but assuming it will stretch a bit it should fit like a good pair of jeans after an hour or so.
At least, that’s the plan.

33 thoughts on “Progress Report: The Front

  1. the front looks great! i really love the colors you picked for the motif. are you going to knit everything else black (back and sleeves) or are you going to incorporate the colors anywhere else?

  2. I love that photo of the front vs. back, showing how much the yarn blooms! Everyone who doesn’t wash their swatch and then ends up with a ginormous sweater is being referred to this post from now on :).

  3. LOVING it. And the waist shaping looks fabulous for the likes of me, too. Can’t wait to see how it fits you. I know it will be just right!

  4. Hmmm…good to know. I need to be *much* more rigorous about washing and blocking my swatches. The sweater looks so good! It’s going to catch a lot of eyes at Rhinebeck. =)

  5. Wow… I absolutely LOVE the neckline… how do you do the maths for a neckline like that?
    I’m knitting a sweater right now from IK that has a pretty straight neckline across the throat, which I do not really care for. I’m not experienced enough to figure out how to do a neckline like this… or even a deeper roundish or v-shaped one LOL.
    Cheers Eva

  6. it looks so great!
    it’s inspiration enough to get me back to knitting more than a row a night (seriously, a ROW a NIGHT….)
    ps–thanks for the donation. your support, and everyone else’s, really got me through those last 30 or so miles…

  7. I am relatively new to knitting but I’d like to eventually design sweaters. I have this idea for a standard maternity sweater with various intarsia designs that would center on the belly area. This particular one would be absolutely perfect… I won’t steal the pattern, obviously. Rather, I’m hoping you’ll decide to design the sweater yourself! :)
    Anyway, I absolutely love this pattern.

  8. I’m suddenly seeing this as a vest, over a crisp, white button-down… Hey, it’d save you from knitting the sleeves, right?

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