Rhinebeck 06!

Oh my god what a fabulous time!
This was my favorite girlfriend vacation ever. Not even 600 miles of driving could put a damper on the yarn, girlfriends, drinking and good times that happened all weekend. Christy, Heather and Jody — thank you for the awesome time and the fabulous company!
I think I saw more bloggers in Rhinebeck than I ever have at Maryland. There was Margene, Claudia (just a wave — i’m sure she gets plenty of blogger hellos), Johanna, Alison, Carol (of Black Bunny Fiber fame, Kellee, Vicki, Cassie, Laura (who recognized me from behind because of my hair!), Jessica and her mom, and Eklectika.
Then of course there were the many times we saw Katy and her mom (a serious sign that we haven’t seen enough of each other lately).
And still with all those people, there were several I was on the lookout for that I never saw. Oh well, something else to look forward to next year.
So, the festival. I only took a few pics. I just wanted to enjoy the festival and not feel like I was on assignment.
There was this fabulous mermaid all done up in felted roving. Isn’t she gorgeous? I had a hard time finding the name of the booth. If you know can you leave a comment? She was just a couple booths down from The Fold.
Of course, I did buy some yarn…


Starting at 2 o’clock there’s 3 hanks of Socks That Rock (Rocktoberfest, Rhodonite, and Bleeding Heart), a hank of sock yarn from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm, 2 hanks of purple heathered Shelridge Farms sock yarn, a huge hank of very fine sock yarn from Sliver Moon Farm (it’s over a 1,000 yards and will be for very thin knee highs)*, and a hank of Soxie (Antique colorway) from the Great Adirondack Yarn Company.
Now that I’ve finished the sweater I’m really in the mood for some sock knitting. I was looking for a few other things that I just didn’t find (100% cormo sock yarn — maybe from the cormo booth at MDSW?, enough of a hand-dyed laceweight for a sweater knit on larger needles, and barberpole in a weight thin enough for socks). Maple Creek Farm had a great DK weight barberpole but I didn’t snatch it up fast enough. Oh well, there’s always next year.
So, my goal for this yarn is to knit all of it before MDSW. That’s really very reasonable. I didn’t buy that much (probably less than the last 2 MDSWs) and if I don’t knit it all up then there’s no reason to buy much at Maryland.
And we all know that ain’t happening.
* half of it is already wound up, the hank was really huge

21 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 06!

  1. it really was AWESOME. i’m being very good and finishing what i’ve started already, but MAN the temptation to knit something from Rhinebeck….

  2. it really was AWESOME. i’m being very good and finishing what i’ve started already, but MAN the temptation to knit something from Rhinebeck….

  3. Wow – you were definitely in a purple-red mood! The sock yarn all looks awesome. Glad you had fun! (one of these years I will make it up there….)

  4. bummer that i didn’t run into you. i was on the lookout but there was one point in the day when i couldn’t remember what ANYONE looked like anymore :) totally dazed and confused.
    great haul. i love the STR that you got but that silver moon farm yarn takes the cake!

  5. I’m sitting at home, surrounded by yarn and wool, and I don’t know what to do first.
    It was great to get to see you, however briefly. I like the “before MD” idea but doubt I can pull it off myself.

  6. My mother in law just started learning how to make felted dolls and it’s fascinating. She would love that mermaid.
    So jealous of you Rhinebeckians!!

  7. The Mermaid was cool! It was overwhelming to meet and see so many of my blog friends. Thank you for coming up and saying hello. It was wonderful to meet you!

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