See You in Rhinebeck

Alright, a quickie last post before I pack it up. As I type this, Jody is on a plane headed for me Rhinebeck!!!!!
This has been one long week. A beta deliverable at work, finishing up the Rhinebeck sweater (oh I have a story for you, but it’ll have to wait), cleaning (is the house ever clean enough for an overnight guest?), and a 2+ hour commute home one night because of the torrential rainstorm that caused a 7 car pileup.
But the good stuff…the sweater is done really really close to being done, the beta review went really well, I was safely tucked in my car when the 7 car pileup happened, and the best part…
By this time tomorrow I’ll be in the stylin rental car* driving up to Rhinebeck with 3 of my favorite ladies.
If you see me, be sure to say hi. I should mention that I’ve decided not to wear the sweater at the festival. Cashmere, silk, and lacey bell sleeves just don’t feel like the right thing for walking around a festival. You can bet your bippy that I’ll have it on at night though.
Hell, I may even sleep in it.
*Hertz decided to change it from a Grand Prix to a Taurus. It’s still better than 4 girls in a Jeep. But a Taurus? Why?!?

9 thoughts on “See You in Rhinebeck

  1. I really want to see that sweater so we’ll have to meet up that night! Are you staying at the Marriot? There was a HUGE knitting meet-up in the lobby there last year and I hope to make that happen again this year. Keep an eye out for me and the belly and say hi!

  2. you’ll be happy with the taurus :) the grand prix doesn’t have as much leg room for those sitting in the back. take it from someone who only drives rental cars. i’ve tried them all!
    can’t wait for rhinebeck! gonna be a fun time :)

  3. I just heard on SNL, before falling asleep, that Ford is going to stop making the Taurus and that 30 something year olds will have to find another car to, damn I can’t remember but it was funny. Hope you have a most excellent time at Rhinebeck.

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