Arwen: The Yarn

I changed my mind on the yarn I’m using for Arwen. The Aurora 8 was stuck in customs so I went down to Rosie’s yesterday where Carol helped me pick out a great replacement — Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran.


Replacement is really the wrong word, because I’m *much* happier with this yarn than my original choice. I think the less vibrant color suits the design better, and I’ve been wanting to try this yarn (or the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran that preceeded it) for a few years now.
The color is a beautiful, shadowy shade of blue and green. I’ll be swatching and casting on today. This rainy weather is a perfect stay-in-the-house-and-knit kinda day.

24 thoughts on “Arwen: The Yarn

  1. Oooh, great choice on the “replacement.” I made my Rogue out of this yarn and absololutely LOVE it. I’m sure you’ll be just thrilled! Can’t wait to see the gorgeous sweater you turn out!

  2. this is one of those times you should have dropped me an email and i could have organised it for you.
    it is delicious yarn though …. just gorgeous!
    be warned…in my own experience it needs to be knitted at a slightly tighter gauge because for some reason it doesn’t seem to bounce back into shape very well.

  3. It’ll be beautiful! Just a little yarn review for you: I knit my boyfriend a hat with this yarn, and it has stretched *alot*, much more than any of his other hats I’ve knit. I’ve also noticed a tendency to pill with this yarn, but you can always shave your sweater. Just though I’d let you know about the stretchy factor!

  4. You won’t be dissapointed with that yarn! I knit my Demi cable pullover with it and the cables pop and it is next to the skin soft.

  5. Despite actually living within a close proximity to Queensland (well, the same country at least) I have never used this yarn. You did mention Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran though, and I have a long love affair with that, especially the red (Posie) and having finally finished my cable jumper have only to regret that it’s almost summer here!

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