Christmas is Coming — What Should I Knit?

Each year around Christmastime, I try to pick a single project — something special — to work on during my time off. This year, my last workday is Dec 20th, and I don’t return until Jan 3rd.
I only have a couple days of activities planned, and that’s the way I like it. I’m counting down the days to being able to wake up, curl up in my leather chair, put on some Tivo’d Christmas specials, and knit knit knit.
But I don’t seem to have THE project in mind for this year. The one that comes the closest is Pewter Coat by Shirley Paden (IK Winter 2006).

PewterCoat1.jpg  PewterCoat2.jpg

I *love* the lapels, and the gray color is perfect for going with so many outfits. No, there’s no chance I’d make it out of 100% cashmere yarn, but finding a substitute shouldn’t be too bad.
The sizing is a little awkard. It comes in a 40″ and 50″ (probably because it was easiest to layout the cables that way). So some thought on how to resize it will be necessary. Of course, that’s after I figure out how wide I would want to make a knitted outwear piece.
I like the design a lot but I’m not 100% sold on it yet.
Another that comes to mind is the Tweedy Aran Cardi. Barbara’s and Ei’s are gorgeous.
Hmm…it seems like I’m obsessed with cables. Well, I do really enjoy them — but they’re not a must.
So, I’m looking for ideas. Things you’ve seen in magazines, as free patterns, pattern books — whatever. If I like the pattern I’m OK with tracking it down via a library *cough*Starmore*cough*, but I need to make sure I have my yarn and pattern in hand by the 20th, and that’s just over 3 weeks away (3 weeks!!!). I’m focused on sweaters — intricate socks or lace wraps are a lot of fun, but Christmastime knitting is all about the sweater for me.
So I’m looking for inspiration people. What do you think I should knit?

17 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming — What Should I Knit?

  1. ooo, what a great idea!!! I’ve got 9 days off–maybe I could finish Anastasia (since the back’s already done…).
    i’ve got no pattern suggestions, just lots of cheerleading.

  2. I like that sweater you have pictured in your post too. I thought about it, but then I remembered another very cabled sweater I just love that I actually like better, and I personally would knit it before the IK one. It is the Grace cardigan from Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora collection. I find that the cotton angora yarn is easy to find subs for. For a snuggly winter knit I would pick Grace over the Pewter Coat, but I have to admit the Pewter Coat is also on my to-do list :) Good luck!

  3. I think you should knit the Tweedy aran cardi! Maybe not for Christmas, but shortly thereafter as I’m going to start a little knitalong for it sometime in january. I don’t know if you’re the knitalong type but I’d love to have you!

  4. Of the two I much prefer the Tweedy Aran Cardi but I’m not sure I would be thrilled with the large flaring collar on either. As you are so “healthily” endowed I would think a flaring collar would really emphasize the girls! How about Beth Brown-Reisel’s Celtic Dreams? Julia of Moth Heaven is knitting it now in Black Water Abby and that sounds right up your alley Jody! Go over and have a peek!

  5. The Pewter Coat is on my to-do list, I’m a “cables addict” too and these ones are wonderful! Thanks for the link to the Tweedy Aran Cardi, I discover it and… I want it!! But it seems it isn’t available any more on the website… so I’m going to try and find it perhaps on ebay and I’ll knit it for sure!
    Tell us what you decide! :)

  6. If you are looking for cables, last winter Vogue knitting has a whole section of cabled sweaters. I want to make the long cable jacket sometime for my mum. There is a short cabled jacket by Zimmerman and a tighter fitting sweater with ribs on the bottom and braids on top with a side zipper on the top. I want that one for me so bad that I can taste it. But I have to wait til I get my Christmas knitting done. 1 and a half projects to go.

  7. i find that these outerwear knits are always in large sizes because they’re meant to wrap around other garments. maybe if you play with gauge you’ll be able to get the size that you need.
    i like this cardi! i think that you should go for it.

  8. take a look at drops designs for lots of free patterns……..I found alot of my Christmas sweater patterns there! Love you site!!!

  9. If Celtic Dreams isn’t “the one” I’m seconding the vote for the Nantucket Jacket – just make the sleeves full length, please! :)

  10. The Pewter Coat looks comfortable and flattering, and I think you should go for it!
    I also adore the Nantucket Jacket. I’ll be making one myself. If you go with this one, watch out for the seed stitch godets at the bottom. I think the photography obscures the weird-looking upper-hip flare, but you can see it in the pattern’s schematic. I think I’ll be leaving them out.

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