In the Name of Pretty Yarn

The saga of this yarn continues, but I’m getting closer people!
I love working out sizing issues, but these are the most problems I’ve dealt with all at once.

  • Finished Sizes are calculated with the center cable band overlapping. I’m planning to insert a zipper, so I have to account for that.
  • Yarn Bloom is the most drastic I’ve ever experienced. hate the bloom But it’s the bloom that gives the yarn its incredible loft. love the bloom
  • Yarn Resilliency or lack thereof. Take a look at this example

preStretch.jpg postStretch.jpg
pre-stretching post-stretching

That was after stretching it a half dozen times, and not abusively.
Again, you readers bailed me out. Bigtime.
So here’s the plan.

  • Knit the fronts, taking into account the lack of cable overlap, yarn bloom and yarn stretch.
  • Wash both fronts and see how much they actually grow.
  • Stretch them a little.
  • Decide how wide to make the back.
  • Insert periodic self-doubt and profanity.

The things we do for pretty yarn.

12 thoughts on “In the Name of Pretty Yarn

  1. You are a brave, brave woman to do all this in the name of Pretty Yarn. Much more persistant that I would be, for sure.
    Carry on. Keep us updated.
    I should do the same and actually post something since my power supply was replaced yesterday. :)

  2. Maybe it’s my lack of sleep talking (insert 5 month old talking, crying, and playing from 2am-7am) but I’m already lost. I can’t follow, which is why I really shouldn’t try to substitute yarns. :)

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