Life’s Too Short

Just like I promised, I started knitting a pair of socks with the fest yarn. It’s STR in Rocktober.
I always obsess over a pattern when I’m using variegated. I tried several and then remembered the Diagonal Rib socks on the Interweave Subscriber-only section.
I gave it a whirl and it looked good. I’ve been working on them on and off all week.


I modified them to be toe-up, and decreased a couple stitches on the instep. I don’t think I have narrow feet (they’re 8.5 inches around the ball of my foot) but I always seem to need to make socks narrower around my foot than the pattern says.
But guess what? As much as I love how it looks, I hate knitting it. All the twisty knitting to get those lovely diagonal lines? Pure torture.
So last night I finally admitted how I felt about them.

So. Much. Better.
Life’s too short. Knit what you love, and love what you’re knitting.

14 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short

  1. My STR began as Pomatomi, then Jaywalkers. Nothing worked better than the simple stockinette. I think the pleasure in STR is the feel as you knit, and be gorgeous variations in the colors.
    I thought I needed to knit something really special with my first STR, but instead, I ended up with my favorite pair of socks.

  2. I think I am going to have to frog my latest pair of socks too….alas, I really don’t want to, but they are not looking the way they are meant to look.

  3. I normally just knit plain st st socks. Although my STR medium weight Lemongrass socks are textured. Rows 1&2, k2 p2 and rows 3&4, knit… it is simple, but adds some texture and the colors still look great!!!
    Cheers Eva

  4. You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em :)
    Pretty yarn, perfect for stockinette! Do you use a turkish cast on to start your toe ups?

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