FO: Crazy Colors Socks

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These simple socks are over 2 years in the making. And now that they’re done, there’s really very little to say about them.
Yarn Regia Crazy Stripes (6 ply variety) in color 05402 (Passion)
Pattern My own toe-up with short row heel and Judy’s magic cast-on. The cast-on is my new favorite for toe-up socks. For the leg I did a simple 2 row slip stitch rib — round 1: k3 p1 and round 2: k3 sl1 wyif. They’re reversible, although I’ll probably wear them with the purl side showing most often. For bind off I did k2 *slip both stitches back on left needle and k2tog tbl, k1* (the bind off from the leaf lace shawl).
Thoughts on the yarn It’s thicker than most sock yarn I use, but I like it (for an occasional change). It’s not very soft but I haven’t washed them yet — they’ll probably soften up a little. The yardage is a little light in these balls. I used every bit of yarn to get them as long as they are. If you have a bigger or wider foot than mine (women’s US size 8, 8.5 inches wide) you’ll probably want a third ball. The color repeats seem completely random, and even though I tried to choose a point to bind off where the yarn would remain the same color, the color changed about 10 stitches before the end on both socks. At least one thing matches on this pair of socks.

15 thoughts on “FO: Crazy Colors Socks

  1. too funny. I have the same socks… er yarn. I started them a week before my wedding. I’ve been married 2 years and 3 months.
    PS I’m emailing you… in case you don’t get it.

  2. Love the socks! I love mine in bright colors as well! No matter how hard I try to keep the stripes matched, they ALWAYS diverge at some point in the socks!

  3. I did a pair this fall using that yarn and loved it. The larger yarn knitted up quickly and the stripes are too fun. I agree about the yardage though, three balls is really needed for a pair.

  4. I used the crazy colors yarn for socks this year and really loved the feel of the finished sock. They really did soften up after a bath in the Eucalan (hope I spelled that right) and are one of my favorite pairs of socks to wear. I was even able to get the stripes to match up for the first time ever, because the dyelot was really well done. I can never get them to match with hand painted yarns.

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