A Different Kind of Charity Knitting

By now you all know I’m working on doing more knitting-related charity work this year. Colleen is running a knitting charity event of her own.
If you haven’t seen it yet, she’s holding a raffle for Rosie’s Place — a sanctuary for poor and homeless women. The weather has become bitter cold here in the northeast, and Rosie’s Place offers up nutritionally-balanced meals, canned food, and emergency housing for women of need.
For any sized donation you get included in a raffle for your choice of a pair of your very own Charlie Card Mittens or a shawl pin from one of 2 other craftswomen.
Colleen’s taking the time to organize the donations, and then even offering up her own time and yarn to make a pair of mittens for the winner. I just love it.
Life gets busy, but it’ll only take a few minutes to donate via PayPal. She’s so close to hitting the $1,500 mark. If you have the time and the inclination, go visit Colleen’s site before noon EST to be included in the raffle.

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