Happy New Year — 2007 Edition

Another new year, another fresh start.
I try to learn from each year’s goals and make more reasonable and better thought out goals the following year. So let’s get to this year’s goals.

  1. Less stash enhancement, more stash knitting – I’m getting better at this, but I can always improve. I wrote about The Pact back in October, but I only have one FO to show for it. If I’m going to enjoy Maryland I best get going on this one.
  2. Less deadline-focused knitting – I don’t have a lot of free time, so knitting on deadline creates a lot of stress. Hobbies aren’t supposed to be stressful.
  3. Knit What I Love, and Love What I Knit – I wrote about this back in November when I was working on a sock pattern I really didn’t enjoy knitting, and then Scout wrote a similar post yesterday. There are a few old UFOs that I have that I’ll never finish. I’ll be frogging them soon. I sure don’t need that weighing me down.
  4. Go to Rhinebeck, again – Rhinebeck 2006 was probably my favorite girls’ weekend ever.
  5. Knit more socks, again – I only finished 3 pairs in 2006. If I’m going to make any sort of progress on The Pact then this shouldn’t be too hard.
  6. No Knitted Christmas Gifts – I did it this year and it was so liberating. If I want to give a gift I’ll just knit something for someone. None of this holiday craze.
  7. Garden more – I used to love gardening, but the garden really suffered once I got back into knitting. Starting this spring I want to spend a little more time in the garden. I started an herb garden in 2006, and I want to finally have the vegetable garden I dreamed of starting when I bought the house in 2000.

There are a few goals that I was tempted to add but didn’t. I’d like to try a large stranded project, and I’d really like to publish a few patterns. But I’m not putting them on the list. If they happen, great. And if not, it’s just a hobby. It’s OK not to do everything.
As for today, I’m making sure I start off the year right. I “slept in” (until 7 AM), I’m watching the Monk marathon, cooking some good food, sharing the day with my closest loved ones, and of course, knitting.
Have a great 2007!

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year — 2007 Edition

  1. Happy 2007, girlfriend.
    Amen on the Rhinebeck goal. We had a great time in ’06 and I just know ’07 will be just as fabulous. At dinner last night, I told Michelle that Rhinebeck is one of my fav memories of 06.
    As for old projects, would you believe that I picked up Santos last night? I’m working on the sleeve and really liking it. Strange.

  2. Great resolutions. I hope you do get to the publishing patterns part; your gauntlet pattern is quite lovely and I’d love to see more of your work!
    Happy New Year! Thanks for a great blog.

  3. mmmm, a vegetable garden! i wish i could have one of these. it’s so hard in NYC :)
    it looks like you have a great list of resolutions. should be easy to stick to!
    happy new year!

  4. I think you should let yourself shop freely at Maryland regardless. It only comes once a year, and for many it’s even better than Christmas! My stash goals are not so much not buying yarn, as not adding to stash. If I buy it, I need to go ahead and knit it!

  5. Wow! Such a sane perspective–what a good way to begin the year. Your blog and talent have certainly added to my life. A very happy, productive, stress-reduced new year to you.

  6. Since I think you are a Certified Knitting Genius, I would be really excited for some original patterns.
    And I second the knitting what you love. 2006 was the year I embraced that, and I am a happier knitter for it.
    Happy New Year, friend.

  7. Happy 2007!! I hope you share stories, pics, and suggestions from your gardening ventures. I’m a huge gardening fan, but alas I have no garden space (yet)! I always love gardening vicariously through books and blogs! =)

    I’ve resolved to knit socks more. I say I’m a sock-knitter, but I haven’t actually KNIT that many pairs (pairs being operative here). I’m almost through one pair–started on 12/25 and should be finishing by this weekend–for Mike (not the cable-top ones, but something else).
    Also, I LOVE Monk! When we were in SF, we played “spot the scene from Monk”. Then, we geeked out when we got back to our room and caught a new episode on USA. One of the few reasons I’d get cable again is to watch that show!!!

  9. Happy New Year! I am with you on #1 – I am headed to MD again this year, and I want to knit down my stash as much as possible to enjoy it!

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