Year of the Sock?


I’ve had a really busy time at work lately. I had to scale back my normal 1.5-2 weeks off at Christmas to just a single day.
The knitting time? Not so plentiful either.
While I have lots of ideas for sweaters, I just don’t have the capacity for them now. But socks, they’re just my speed.
After finishing the hem on my first lattice sock I went with something new. It’s another long-time member of the stash.
I’ve been working almost exclusively with hand-dyed yarn lately, and this machine-dyed yarn is a nice change of pace. It’s behaving so well — no pooling, no flashing. Hand-dyed is beautiful, but a little distraction can be a good thing.
Oh, about that lattice sock pattern. I’ve kept notes, and I’ll probably release a pattern at some point. The lattice makes fit a bigger challenge (less stretch, but you still need a good amount of cling so the sock fits right) so I’ll need to write up a pattern in several sizes and have it test knit first. Given my schedule I don’t see that happening for a while, but if you’re an experienced sock knitter and interested in test knitting it let me know.

14 thoughts on “Year of the Sock?

  1. I would be all over the lattice pattern if you write it up…
    The new one’s looking awfully good, too.
    I haven’t had nearly enough knitting time the last week either — it’s crazy-making. I hope your job levels off as the month wears on.

  2. That lattice sock pattern is really nice. I’d be a test knitter for your pattern, although in the interests of full disclosure, I’ve only ever done top-down socks up to this point. I’m really curious on how you did the leg shaping and still fit it into the lattice pattern.

  3. I like that pattern a lot! I’d love to test-knit when it’s is ready – I know there’s not much on my blog yet, but if you want to ask me about my sock knitting experience, feel free.

  4. I used that same yarn a while ago (on a different color) and liked it a lot! Lovely pattern, too. Are you knitting with fewer stitches than in the pattern?

  5. ahhh – nancy bush is always a great relaxing way to do socks. true about the machine dyed yarns. takes a bit of the stress out of worrying if it will pool.
    i’m offering myself up as a test knitter if needed. love love love socks and smocking is the neatest, coolest prettiest thing ever!

  6. I love your socks, but I wouldn’t attempt to be a test knitter. It’s not the challenge that worries me, rather, it’s the time. It takes me a long time to finish a pair.

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