Knitter Down


I’m not quite sure what caused that bump on my outer wrist, but it’s there and it hurts like hell. See how it’s really white compared to the rest of the wrist? That’s because the swelling has made the skin extra taught.
I can’t close my hand to hold a knitting needle. Looks like I’ll be taking a few days off of knitting.
Knit a row for me, will ya?

33 thoughts on “Knitter Down

  1. the same thing happened to me over the holidays. Ice packs and weekly visits to a massage therapist (who spent the entire hour on my forearm doing accupressure) are the only things that fixed it. Oh and lots of stretching. Good luck!

  2. Yeah that’s no good. Oh, and yes, you are correct…I made the biggest mistake ever. I have seriously lost my mind because I NEVER noticed until you said so. Thanks…tonight I feel like hanging up the needles…maybe tomorrow I will look at it differently;)

  3. yikes.. i’ll try and knit a row for you! with my sausage-like pregnancy fingers, it’s getting hard to do such things nowadays though. i feel your pain.

  4. ouch! looks like it might be a wrist ganglion cyst – my former roommate, a massage therapist, would get them when he worked his hands too much… you’re not knitting too much, are you?! *wink*

  5. That looks ouchie. I agree with others, get it massaged and/or acupressured. It looks like a nerve bundle or muscle cramp that needs to get smoothed out.

  6. Looks like a ganglion cyst. It’s on the tendon, so exacerbated by overuse. Rest, ice, Motrin. It can be surgically removed later if you need.

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