Thoughts of Spring

The same thing happens every February. All the new spring designs come out, and I go in new project overload. It’s still plenty cold out, but I’m thinking of cotton and bamboo, cap sleeves and tanks. Even lingerie.
I’ve always thought Spring knows what it’s doing with its patterns. They come out in the depths of winter, just when we’re at our must vulnerable. Today we’re having an ice storm on top of snow. How could I not be taunted by a flirty little top?
Here are the ones I like the most, although I’m sure I’ll find a few that I never noticed once the FOs start popping up on the blogs. Do you ever do that? Skip right past a pattern and then a blogger makes it and you swear you’ve never seen it before.

Sassoon from RYC Nature
Nerissa from Rowan 41
Glade from RYC Nature
Lace Nightie from IK Spring 2007
Cable Down Raglan from IK Spring 2007
Ruffled Surplice from IK Spring 2007
Orford from Rowan 41
Page 10 from Phildar 468

There are also several books I’m really excited to see.

Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Knits

I’ve only seen a few of the projects so far but it looks like a great book AND with great schematics.

Lace Style by Pam Allen

If this book lives up to its “style” counterparts it should be a good one.

Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan Michael-McGowen

I was already interested in this, but after reading the article on Joan in IK Spring 2007 I’m more excited than ever about it. I don’t see myself knitting lingerie as lingerie, but a little girliness can go a long way in a layered outfit for spring and summer — and sometimes even fall.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts of Spring

  1. I really like the Ruffled Surplice also. There were several springy tops from IK this time I found interesting. After shoveling snow today, however, I just want to keep knitting warm socks and sweaters!

  2. I really like the Phildar one, though it may have something to do with the vintage car in the background (not a Ghia, but I’m still a sucker for old cars!!! It does look like a Volvo…).
    The Cable Down Raglan comes at an interesting time since I’ve been in the middle of creating one myself. Of course, mine will be much less delicate, but that CDR looks lovely. Maybe there’s some bamboo knitting in my future after all.

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