While I’m Not Knitting…

I sure am catching up on my reading! Did you notice the Vogue Knitting preview is out?
I’m intrigued by the cover’s design — a little lacy number great for layering over a tank. The details are nice — a square neckline, the bell sleeves, and the band of lace around the arm marking the start of the bell sleeve’s curve.
I think it would be equally cute if you converted it to a cropped cardi and stopped it just below the band that goes around the waist. How pretty would that be over a strappy sundress with a single button at the top?


In addition to a focus on lace, they’re on the nautical bandwagon too (who isn’t?). In their Land Ahoy! story they’ve featured previews of 6 nautical designs, versus 3 previews for the other design stories.
The designs entitled Paper Chase seem to be more work-appropriate with a tunic, dress and a feminine cardi.
They also have a section called Baby Couture, although the previews don’t seem all that special — maybe it will be more obvious in the magazine itself.
In classic VK style they also have a section entitled “The Easy Life” with some of the largest and more unusual garments you could make — full lenth halter style dress, very loose and unconstructed jacket, and a huge beach cover up. Easy life? Not for the knitter who has to drudge through hundreds and hundreds of yards of yarn just to make one of these!
I’m most interested in the Grace of Lace, Paper Chase and Land Ahoy! stories. Good thing it doesn’t come out until the end of March — I might just have time to finish the nightie first.
BTW, thank you for your nice wishes and thoughtful comments about my wrist. It is indeed a ganglion cyst and fortunately the swelling has gone down considerably. I should be back to knitting in a day or two.

17 thoughts on “While I’m Not Knitting…

  1. I love the baby stuff in Vogue. I’ve skipped the past few issues but I’ll be buying this one for sure.
    My mom used to have a ganglion cyst on the inside of her wrist. It’s gone now but I can’t remember what happened to it! A shot maybe or just rest?

  2. Hope your wrist is healing nicely. What a nightmare.
    I have to say that I’ve never liked Vogue’s taste in kid’s clothing. Everything looks a little bit off to me — sometimes a lot off to me. It’s tough to hit the right balance and be cute without being too precious, practical without being too plain, and so on.

  3. so sorry to hear about your wrist, but i’m glad that it is starting to heal.
    there’s some cute stuff in that preview, but what’s up with the white sweater with the cable up the front (in “land ahoy” she’s wearing it with her underwear?)? the cable appears to criss-cross over the shoulder as straps? very odd.

  4. I’m glad you hear you’re healing!
    That sweater is gorgeous, but scarily familiar. The design showed up in the “Frida” issue of Vogue’s Knit.1 a couple of seasons ago. I wonder if they were testing the waters?

  5. that is a very pretty sweater and I think it would make a great little cardi! VK does have some “interesting” views….glad to hear the wrist is healing!

  6. I’m glad to hear you’re able to channel your knitting energies elsewhere. I like the tunic from the Paper Chase section. Clever neckline!

  7. wow, that’s one big ganglion cyst! i get them at the base of the first two fingers on my right hand all the time. usually they hurt like the dickens but most of the time they’re just annoying.

  8. Ouch! I’ve had ganglion cysts come and go and they can really hurt. Fortunately mine went away when I pulled back from the 50+ hours/week I was putting in at the computer. :)

  9. thanks for posting this…i didnt know that the preview was available. love the lacey number…i’m not one for nautical stuff, but it reminds me of japanese crafting, so i like it for that.

  10. Someone I knew in Jr. High had one of those cysts.
    Anyway, yeah, I love that cardi idea. How nice would that look over the sundress that I’m sewing? Hmmm?
    Knit along, anyone?

  11. Ganglion cysts are a pain. I had one a few years ago, I even saw a surgeon about getting it removed. He wanted me to stop nursing my son (DS was almost one), since he thought I had done it long enough. I wouldn’t and decided to wait, and it went away on its own. Hope yours does the same!

  12. That’s an awesome idea. The design as is would not work on a vertically challenged person such as, say, me. But a cropped cardigan…nice :-)

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