Once More, With Feeling

That wasn’t really fair of me, now was it? Posting pics of an oddly constructed sock without showing what it looked like on me.
Here you go.

Looks a lot better on my foot, no? The sizing goes completely against my intuition. It’s shorter than my foot and so wide it looks like it will just fall off. But when I slip it on, it transforms into a well-fitting sock! It reminds me of those evening dresses that look horrible on the rack, but when you put them on and fill them out — gorgeous!
I only had a few minutes of sunlight after work, so here’s one more shot — this time it’s a view from the top.
Alright, I’m off to cast on for sock #2 before I lose my mojo and want to cast on for something different.

22 thoughts on “Once More, With Feeling

  1. hey, i was the recipient of kathy’s sideway socks. and really, i love it! i’ve worn it so many times and the fit is great! i even prefer that to some of my other handknit socks! yours is looking awesome!

  2. It looks great — definitely fits! perfect analogy to a shapeless dress on the rack. I’m a little bit fascinated by these socks!

  3. that really is an excellent use of that yarn!!!
    my mom can do short rows and she wants to make socks, so maybe this’ll be the thing for her to try next.

  4. That is one cool sock, Jody. Whodathunk a yarn blob would come out fitting your foot so perfectly? The vertical stripes are really nice, too.

  5. That is so cool looking! Thanks for the pics. It’s really shocking how different it looks flat vs. on your foot. It looks so neat! Congrats!

  6. Very, very interesting! Is there calf shaping in the pattern? Does the sock fit well by the end of the day (you’d think the lack of vertical stretch in knitting would cause a wonky fit)? I’m really intrigued by this!
    I also really adore the vertical striping, I’d love to try this with a sock yarn that pools when knit in a normal sock pattern.

  7. hi there, just found your blog. was wondering what type of increases you use for toe-up socks when you get to the calf? tnx.

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