I sized the VK Ruffle Trim Top top to be just about the same width as my Somewhat Cowl (which still fits really well). The two yarns have a similar hand so I opted to make it a bit smaller than I would if it was wool because the yarn is less resilient and will tend to stretch out more.
Every time I’d look at it on the needles though I’d think “think is *so* small!”.
So as soon as I finished the third repeat I put it on some waste yarn to try on.


It’s perfect! It’s not too loose, it’s not too tight. It’s tight enough to show off the eyelets, but still loose enough to not look stretched out.
The top is knitting up rather slowly. It’s partly because it’s in the round so I’m knitting twice as much for each row. But I think it also is the stitch pattern combined with the yarn. Usually I can knit by sight, but this yarn is making it more difficult. Its tweediness makes it hard to tell if I’m coming to column of 3 sts or 5 sts so there’s lots of extra moments of pulling at what I’m knitting to better see what’s going on. I also changed a single column of knit stitches to ktbl to keep it tighter. Sometimes I have trouble making a single column of knits look really good, and this yarn was about as bad as I’ve seen it in my knitting. The ktbl’s are looking nice and tidy so it’s worth the extra effort.
Still, I’m enjoying this a lot — and I’m hoping for an FO before my birthday in mid-April.
If I do finish it by then this will be the third year out of 4 that I’ve finished a sweater in late March or early April. Something about the weather warming up a little and the longer daylight during the week that just motivates me and keeps me focused. It’s funny — if it wasn’t for the blog I don’t think I would have noticed that.

12 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. That’s a lovey color to keep you cheered and interested at the end of the dreary season, too. Any color trends along with the sweater trend?

  2. That’s a really good idea, using ktbl for a single column of knit stitches. I wish I’d thought of that with the cardi I’m knitting now! Next time. :o)

  3. yay for fitting! although i am *mad* at you for posting so many tempting links yesterday, i only restrained myself from buying every sock pattern because Kevin was sitting right next to me, but now… now i’m at work and my willpower is fading!!
    oh and kim hargreaves patterns are soooo nice!

  4. Hey. Because of our past history of you not getting my emails, I’m leaving you a comment. I sent you an email with an attached pattern (the sock we talked about). If you didn’t get it could you please write me to tell me so? And if you did, please write anyway? xoxo, k

  5. isn’t it funny how often as knitters we are paranoid about garments coming out too small. no matter how many times i check calculations the enternal too small/too big fit issues plague me until i have finished seaming.

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