Sideways Sock #1

My curiosity got the best of me and I couldn’t stop knitting until I finished.


Once I finished the knitting I was worried it was going to be too big.
But it fits nicely. Here are a few more shots.

shortRowBack.jpg heel.jpg graft.jpg

The heel fits similarly to the garter stitch heel I added to my jaywalkers — lots of stretch. The next time I’ll size the foot a little smaller to compensate for that.
Speaking of stretch, I expected the sock to be rather tight; however, it is not. The short rows combined with the resilience of Tess’ Yarn make for a sock that’s both functional and pretty. I can’t wait to get started on sock #2!

14 thoughts on “Sideways Sock #1

  1. I want to see a foot in those… they seem either very flat or very fat! The construction is interesting, though. And the colorway knitted up so beautifully… one sock looks like a tulip!

  2. How very interesting indeed – it looks fantastic, very cool and unique! And I agree with the other commenters – I’d love to see it modeled!

  3. hi ladies! thanks for all your compliments and interest. i will definitely do a modeled shot. i forgot to mention in my post that the sock looks a lot better on than off (off it looks very misshapen, doesn’t it?). modeled shots during the week don’t look so good though (the lighting is terrible). maybe i’ll have a finished pair to show you by the weekend…

  4. The colour is beautiful (confirmed by my 14 yo son who happened to take a peak at my screen), but it looks pretty strange, so I’m lookingforward to see the modelled pictures!

  5. Am trying one myself using the Opal sideways sock pattern. What pattern did you use? I have a technical question maybe you’d know how to answer. Anysay, yours are cute.

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