I Did It!

When I started this weekend I made a commitment to myself to finish these socks. May’s impending festivities combined with my festival yarn pact is starting to sink in.
I need to knit more socks, people.

i kept my commitment

Pattern: My own interpretation of the Sideways Sox Supreme from Socks Socks Socks.
Yarn:Tess’ Designer Yarns Supersock and Baby. This is such a nice yarn. I made my Jaywalkers in Tess’ a year and a half ago and they’re still vivid and barely pilling. Very impressive given that I wear those socks almost-weekly throughout the fall, winter and early spring.
Thoughts: I like the idea of sideways knitted socks and I’d consider these a good first try at this new technique.
They slouch very quickly, so in my next pair I’d like to find a stretchier stitch pattern for the cuff.
And, the foot can be a good 3/4″ shorter and still fit (maybe even an inch). Since that’s the direction of the stretch, there’s a lot of give there. It reminds me of the way I felt when I first tried on a garter stitch heel.
Still, I love these socks and I’m so happy to have used this yarn for a good purpose. And since it’s still chilly around here, I’ll be able to wear them to work tomorrow. I can’t wait!

17 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. Socks look super! There was a sideways sock pattern in Interweave a couple of years ago, in garter stitch. I can’t remember the details, but if you’re grooving on that method of construction, you might want to take a look. Interweave has an index on their website. (apologize if someone’s already mentioned this. i’m behind in my blog reading.)

  2. Beautiful socks! I think the rows of seed stitch help pull everything in quite a bit on the original pattern. I was surprised at how much it worked like ribbing.

  3. Melinda (the owner of Tess’ Yarns) does wonderful yarns. After hearing your rave review I’ll have to try her sock yarn. I’m currently using her merino/silk and I LOVE it. The socks are beautiful.

  4. I am happy that there is only one month left before MDSW. I am starting to get a little shaky about the yarn diet. I mean, my sock yarn stash is really, truly severely in dire shape.
    Breathe. Breathe…Surely I have enough to get me through the month.

  5. Hey, they look pretty good! I love the surprise of the vertical striping — so rare to see on knitted socks. Thanks for sharing a fun new pattern idea!

  6. Nice socks! I feel your yarn-shopping pain…Not only do I have to save money for MY purchases at MDSW, I need to save a significant amount to cover my husband’s lamb-a-thon. (He’ll eat more lamb-based food that day than you’d think possible…and not gain a pound. I hate that.)

  7. Those are really cute and the concept is really interesting. I’m really going to have to hunt down that pattern and give it a try after seeing yours. They look great! :)

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