More Stash Cleanup

I’m on a roll. I’ve had these in a bin for several months, but I’ve never gotten around to photographing them. So here they are. If you want anything, leave me a comment.

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  • Payment via Paypal — cash or check only (I can’t take credit cards)

Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread
Warm Rose, 150 yds, 100% Mercerized Cotton
$10 for 8 balls
Brooks Farm Duet
55% kid mohair, 45% fine wool
$23 for 500 yds

Elann Peruvian Highland Wool
Grape Heather, 100% Highland Wool, 109 yards
$30 for 17 balls

Ram Fantasy
blue/green/white 80% mohair, 20% acrylic, 218 yds/skein
$12 for 5 skeins
Ram Fantasy
pink/lilac/white 80% mohair, 20% acrylic, 218 yds/skein
$10 for 4 skeins
Over the Rainbow Fluffo Mohair
75% acrylic / 25% mohair, 600 yds/8 oz per hank
$15 for 2 hanks
Over the Rainbow Fluffo Mohair
75% acrylic / 25% mohair, 600 yds/8 oz per hank
$15 for 2 hanks
Cleckheaton Gusto 10
color 2087 30% wool/30% mohair/40% acrylic
$16 for 4 balls
Opal Farbe 5 Partie 16 (it might be croc)
$16 for one hank
Patons Classic Merino
100% wool, 223 yards
$40 for 10 skeins
handdyed sock yarn
no label — but it’s 8 oz so probably around 500 yards
2-ply, feels like most/all wool, doesn’t feel superwash
$10 for the cake

Cascade Sierra
80% Pima Cotton 20% Wool / 191 yards
$22 for 4 hanks

12 thoughts on “More Stash Cleanup

  1. I so want ALL of it, but my stash is already too big. Must knit faster. Although do you think there is a jumpers worth in the cascade Sierra?

  2. Try the Seduction yarn from Blue Moon. More expensive but totally worth the investment. Lighter weight, beautiful sheen, soft, and the colors turn out more muted – all in all, GORGEOUS!
    STR mid & lightweight feel a little like string to me as I knit, but the twist on this yarn is not as tight resulting in a better hand and a more pleasurable knitting experience (in my opinion.)
    Seduction is just that – pure seduction!

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