That’s the number of days until MDSW.
This will be my fourth year going, and it feels like it got here quicker than in the past — mostly because I finally went to Rhinebeck last year. That was such a good time that Christy, Heather and I have already booked our cottage for this year’s fest. We even added an extra day.
Can’t. Wait.
But right now, it’s all MDSW here. While reflecting on the goals I set out for myself last year, I realized I have done absolutely poorly! I haven’t added much to the stash since Rhinebeck, but I also haven’t knit much of what I bought. That’s what pushed me to hold last week’s sales.
Each year I get better at knowing what I like and knowing what to buy. I have the shortest list I’ve ever had going into Maryland this year. The more I think about it, the more I realize I don’t have a big need for anything. I’m sure I’ll buy (how can you *not*?), but it will be things that speak to me, things I can’t walk away without.
I’m going to try my hardest to stay away from multicolored handdyed sock yarn. I just don’t have a big desire to knit with it — although I love looking at it. If I could, I’d create little shadowboxes of handpainted yarn and place them throughout my house.
Unfortunately, the kinds of socks I crave to knit are much more patterned and better-suited for subtly dyed yarns.
I want to check out Tess’ Yarns because I only get to see her once a year and that seems like as good a reason as any. I also want to visit Brooks Farm and get something I finally like from them. I think I’ll be sticking to pinks and purples this time — more my speed.
There are some other things I want to get if I see them. Barberpole sockweight! I’ve wanted this for 2 years now. And can you believe it — in a moment of stupidity I decided to show restraint and wait a day before buying it at Rhinebeck? Of course, it was all gone when we went back. I probably won’t find any at Maryland as that vendor doesn’t do Maryland.
I’m not sure what else I’ll be getting. I do still want to knit St Brigid. And I really want to design a multi-color modern pullover. But that’ll take a whole bunch of sketching and photoshopping to come up with the right color palette. So that’s probably a no-go for next weekend as well.
What are your plans for the festival? Any noteworthy new vendors? Since I’ll be skipping the Socks That Rock, the first hour of the fest is probably mine for the taking.
I guess what it comes down to is, I’m not sure what I’ll be coming back with. Even if I bought nothing it would still be a great day. I get to spend the day with Christy (which doesn’t happen nearly enough) and catch up with a lot of bloggers (more of which move into the friend category from year-to-year). That alone is worth a couple hours of driving in each direction.
Re-reading this post, I have 2 goals for myself for the fest:

  • No multi-color sock yarn
  • No Socks That Rock mediumweight

If I can stick to that, it will be a perfect day.

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  1. This is the first year I’m actually driving myself down – and suddenly I’ve no idea how to get there!! Good thing for navigation systems. I’m looking to get some dyes, some roving, a new drive band for a lendrum – I do actually have a list this time round!

  2. Like you, I have no desire to hit STR… I also haven’t done a great job at down-stashing, so I’m mostly going to MDSW looking for inspiration — new patterns, new fibers, ogling all the cool knits everyone will be wearing. (I’m sure I will find some yarn to buy… need to figure out my yardage needs for a couple sweaters I want to make). I’m also going to spend more time looking at the fancy soap and gift vendors. Hope to see you there!!

  3. Sounds very much like my plan before I realized I couldn’t go. I was going to finally buy some of Tess’ and of course some of the yummy Four Play (where I would run into you! :D), and then look for some smaller vendors with great sock yarn…no variegation, please.
    I’ll live vicariously through you. Have fun!

  4. I don’t know if anyone will have it at MDSW, but Rio de la Plata recently added sockweight yarn to their offerings, and they have some that is barberpole – it’s very pretty. Have fun!

  5. I’m also not buying STR– nothing against them of course. Now that I can order online, I don’t see the point of waiting 45 minutes in line :)
    There’s a sweater I want to make, and it will be fun to look for something there.
    This is also my first festival as a sock knitter, and the first time I know what I like. I should be fun!

  6. It’s amazing that it is that time of year again… I am in the same boat. I don’t really need anything (in fact I need to destash!) but I am going for inspiration, and I am open to a few things coming home with me :) I would love to see you again this year.

  7. I’m still aghast at the car wash story.
    It is fascinating to see how one’s shopping changes over the years. The first fiber festival you want to buy everything in sight. A couple of years later, you become much more discerning and aware of what you will really want to make something with, instead of being momentarily attracted by it.
    Do you know if there’s going to be a blogger meet up? I haven’t seen anything about it.

  8. I’ve been thinking about MDSW (or as we call it, MDMW, for Maryland Meat & Wool, since that’s what my husband enjoys most). Last year I spent a lot of time looking at well-known vendors’ booths and shopping for spindles. This year I may just relax and wander, letting the day take me where it will. Sure, I’ll probably buy sock yarn. But this year–my 2nd–I will NOT buy whole sweaters’ worth of wool for unknown future projects 😉

  9. How about STR lightweight semisolids? I have some beryl, and it’s gorgeous. I heard Brooks Farm has sock yarn now – that intrigues me mightily.

  10. I wish I was going so I could meet you Jody! Promise me if you see some delicious variegated yarn at Tess’ please buy it for me, we can work something out – I’m the girl who never met pooling she didn’t like! :)
    Good for you for setting (and hopefully sticking to) your goals. I have to say probably the most common complaint I hear on the blogs I read is “wahhh, my yarn is pooling”!!” um hello, handpainted, multi-colored yarn pools, if you hate it, stop buying it!! Isn’t the definition of insanity doing something the same way over and over yet expecting a different outcome? :)

  11. As you know, this is my first MDSW, so I am just going to try to enjoy the experience and come home with really nice yarn! I’m definitely in the market for some laceweight and sock yarn, some Tess and some Brooks Farm, Shelridge, etc…but I don’t want to fight the lines. I’ll be happy to look and purchase online….

  12. I easily have a ton of yarn, not to mention recently hitting the Webs sale. I’m going to hit Brooks Farm as they always have nice stuff, another is Roz Houseknect of (I think) Dyed Dreams. She has a wide variety of items. The other place is Cloverhill there is a designer called Erin who is dyeing for them and she has both solids and a bunch of other things. I love her stuff in the shop, and even though I could go to the shop when it is a little calmer I now live out in the boonies and don’t get to visit the lys anymore.
    this year I hope to enjoy it more as a leisure buyer. If I really speaks to me okay, but if not, it is still okay. Maybe buy some dyes for the white yarn that I have collected the past few months.

  13. Looks like we have the same MD evolution going on – I also have my shortest list ever, and also plan to avoid the STR at all costs. I’m in agreement over the multicolor sock yarn – definitely check out Tess – her almost solids are soft, cushy and amazing to knit with and very economical! I plan on picking up a bunch. Check out Three Waters Farm also – nice semi solids there too.

  14. Those sound like eminently achievable goals. Me, I’m mostly looking for a good niddy-noddy and some new-to-me varietal wools.
    Also–there is a bloggers’ meetup, at 1pm each day, near the performance stage (I think).

  15. Those are two fine rules to follow. I feel the same way about my sock yarn – the multicolored stuff is great to look at, but the patterns I knit are more suited toward solids. I’m going to be MDSW (never been there before) – I don’t really need anything, but I will be one of the crazy girls going after the Koigu.

  16. Our goals are very similar! I also have a problem with buying too much variegated sock yarn. Love to look at it – but it’s hard to knit a pattern with it. I’ll be looking at wheel and fiber mostly since I’m just getting into spinning. Hopefully I’ll see you there! It’d be fun to meet another Jody! (Who spells her name the right way!)

  17. I’m with you on the stash outlook. After mucho purchases in the past 3 mos, I’m seriously contemplating one of those Knit From Your Stash pledges. OMG.
    Have a good time there!

  18. It seems like you’re not establishing too many restrictions. I hope your budget doesn’t suffer the consequences. Good luck and happy shopping.

  19. Darn! I went very late and didn’t get to see you. :(
    I can’t wait to see what you got. I splurged a little at the Tess booth. I didn’t have a lot of time to explore, so I stayed with the good old reliable sources…Brooks Farm and Tess. I think I did very well. 😀

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