free yarn!

Did I get your attention? Good!
While many of us are on a high with MDSW coming up this weekend, I thought I’d let you in on how you can help a great cause and get yourself in the running for some great yarn too.
Seriously great yarn — Tess and Socks That Rock. If you can’t make it to MDSW this weekend then this is your chance!
I mention Christy in a lot of my friends-related blog posts. She’s a great knitter, an even greater friend, and her partner — Michelle — was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) four years ago (in her late 20s).
They’re an incredibly wonderful couple and have dealt with all the ups and downs this disease has thrown their way. Even though I know it’s been really hard on Michelle, she always has a positive attitude and does everything she can to lead a normal life. It took several years before they found a medication that worked for her. I know it’s been a difficult and scary time for both of them.
Go read their story and see how it’s impacted them. And if you can (freeyarnfreeyarnfreeyarn) go on over and donate to Christy’s Arthiritis Foundation Walk.
They’re two really special women and I’d love it if you could support them and this very worthy cause.
Thanks for listening! And if you’re going to MDSW, have a great time. If this is your first time, here are a few tips I wrote up last year for what to expect and how to prepare.

7 thoughts on “free yarn!

  1. Done and done! I have several chronic pain issues and know how much my aches have slowed me down in the past year. It is frightening the toll it takes on your spirits. Keep fighting the good fight ladies!

  2. thanks for drawing attention to this – my mom was diagnosed with RA about 15 years ago and we have all had to learn to make adjustments.

  3. Hey Savannahchik,
    I saw a photo of some felted ornaments on your former blog…can you tell me the name of the book that is shown in the photo? THANKS!!!

  4. I’m a lurker on your blog…I just adore it. I hopped over and donated. What a wonderful couple and story. My friend from college’s daughter had juvenille RA so it was nice to be able to support Christy and Michelle.

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