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Joan McGowan-Michael’s Knitting Lingerie Style came out several weeks ago but I haven’t seen much talk about it.
It’s really a nice book. The photography is lovely, and the variety of patterns was surprising to me. It’s not just about knitting bras, panties and corsets. While those things are in there, there’s also tops, skirts, stockings and socks, armwarmers and leggings.
Here are my favorites.

Bed JacketBasic CamisoleFit n Flare Trumpet Skirt

Retro Ribby TwinsetWaist Cincher TopBasic Stockings

Joan has personalized the narrative with bits of information about herself — something I really enjoyed. In her intro to the square neck top she explains how her mother found it hard to let sixth-grader Joan wear bras, and bought her a camisette instead. So, Joan saved up her own pennies and went down to the five-and-dime to buy some herself.
Joan also shares some history about the evolution of lingerie — why things were designed a certain way, and how they were originally used. While it’s not necessary for creating the garments, I enjoyed learning something new.
Like Joan’s White Lies Designs, she put a lot of effort into these patterns. Many of them come in a wide variety of sizes. While some of the bras and closely fitted tops run as small as 26 – 36-1/2, many of the designs go up to 50 and higher. She includes technical information like how to install underwire and boning, and how to put together adjustable bra straps.
I’m very happy to have this book. Joan incorporates a lot of nice fitting and design details, takes the time to write for a large variety of sizes, and shares technical information that’s not readily available. At a time when the plethora of knitting books seem to run the gamut of quality, I really appreciate the effort put into this one.

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  1. When I saw it at Borders, I had to take some time to look through it in the cafe (moratorium on book buying until after vacation…). It’s just a gorgeous book, isn’t it? I loved two things about it, in particular: 1) The variety of sizes, and 2) the fact that it’s not chock-full of beginner-level patterns. Nice to see books coming out that appeal to experienced knitters, too, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks for the review, and especially the photos — I might not have looked twice at this one otherwise. As it is, I’m really liking that skirt…

  3. A review from Jody is one that I can trust! Thanks for showing the lovely pictures too. This definitely looks like one for the wishlist.

  4. must. knit. some. variety. of. waist. cincher. top. i hope because it has cincher in the title i’s not one with the restricted smaller sizes or fabricated with boning…

  5. thanks for the great review. I had basically written off even looking at this book because of the title, I really wasn’t interested in knitting bras. but you showed the other side of this book and what nice selections! on to the amazon wish list it goes!

  6. This is a great book! I pre-ordered it based on JMM’s rep alone and was not disappointed when it arrived. Joan is a master at taking garments like a bra, thong or corset(which I could never have imagined knitting) and transposing them into beautiful knitted treasures. This book is one of the pearls in my knitting library.

  7. I browsed through this (quickly) at the bookstore, and while I do like the book and a fair number of the designs, I was actually disappointed with the sizing. I don’t understand why there can’t be a general guideline throughout a single book- while I remember that some of the more obvious bra projects going to small sizes, the continuing lingerie-sweater ones didn’t go as small.

  8. Thanks for the review. Like a lot of other commenters, I probably would have overlooked this book because of it’s title. It seems like it’s worth a look, though.

  9. I adored this book. MArnie and I went through it page by page and savored every detail of it. She wrote a review, and I have plans to do so as well, so hopefully the word will get out about it. Is there anything you plan to make?

  10. I adored this book. Marnie and I went through it page by page and savored every detail of it. She wrote a review, and I have plans to do so as well, so hopefully the word will get out about it. Is there anything you plan to make?

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