Lacy Skirt: Swatching

I didn’t expect to pick a handpainted yarn but the color just drew me in. It’s Claudia’s Handpainted Linen in plumicious.
I’m hopeful that the coloring will blend and look like it’s swathed with color, but we all know it’s a big guessing game for now. And that’s par for the course for my first knitted skirt.

After my last experience knitting with linen I decided to go the more traditional route and knit with the yarn as is and wash and dry it after it’s knitted up. The swatch I’m going with starts out as 6 spi before washing and after comes out right at about 5.25 spi (exactly what the pattern specified) after it’s been washed and dried and stretched out a little bit (using 3.5 mm / US 4 needles). I’m trying to mimic the way the skirt will behave when worn. If I’m right I’ll get a skirt that fits nicely and doesn’t look baggy and saggy after being worn. If I’m wrong, well, let’s just say I won’t be taking any pictures if I’m wrong (but I’ll be sure to post about it).
I can’t wait to see how this looks once several inches are knit up. I’m sure I’ll do a test wash similar to Swiss Dot just to make sure everything behaves as expected. I hate that feeling I get when I’m knitting and I’m concerned that it’s not going to do what I predicted. Plus, once it’s washed I can try it on for real and see what it looks like.

14 thoughts on “Lacy Skirt: Swatching

  1. Gorgeous color! And I’m thinking happy thoughts about your lacy skirt. I’ve been wanting to make one for myself.

  2. I love that colorway! I just picked up a few skeins of Claudia’s sock yarn in that colorway at Woolbearers over the weekend.

  3. Love the Claudia’s.
    Handknit skirts are hot right now. I look forward to seeing the progress and how it all works out.

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