MDSW 2007

Another year came and went! It’s interesting to see how my perspective on the festival changes over the years.
My first year, all I bought were 2 balls of Regia sock yarn. The two years after that were big splurge years. And then this year was more deliberate and subdued. Both made for a much smaller haul.
I only made 2 yarn purchases.


The first is several hanks of superwash lace merino from Tess. I don’t have an immediate plan to cast on with this, but it’s definitely an in-person buy. I must have spent a half hour at the booth selecting colors and choosing between dyelots until I got just the look I wanted. Most of the hanks are somewhat solid but a few have 2 similar colors (like the gold/orange one on the end). I can’t wait to see this knit up.

My final yarn purchase was 2 balls of Regia bamboo. I fell in love with Maud’s socks in this yarn and have been looking for it ever since. Carodan Farm had it and I scooped it up right away.
I like this yarn because it has some color variation to it but it should look good in a variety of stitch patterns. That was my goal this year — no yarn I can’t make stitch patterned socks with — and I stuck to it.
I did get a few other things though.

I got these fun felted slippers from The Textile Museum. I’ve worn them every day since the festival and they’re great — comfy, warm, and the rubber bottom ensures I don’t slide around.

And finally, a la Claudia, a Moving Mud shawl pin that I plan to make into a pendant.
The best part of this year was by far the company and the people.
I got to see Kristy’s new sweater in person (it looks great!).
I finally met Ann, Ann, Stacey, blogless Patty (hi Patty!) as well as a few lurkers (lurkers, where are you? please say hello more often!).
I also ran into EyeKnit in the Socks that Rock line (I was just keeping Christy company, I swear!), and Liz spotted us sitting outside the main barn just before she caught the Rosie’s Bus back to Philly. I saw Jessica busy buying yarn and hauling a wheel (she swears it’s not hers).
I’m sure I’ve missed a few people too.
I had a great time and I stuck with my goal of not buying much yarn. The things I got were either already on my list or unique enough to make it worth the purchase. I’ll be adding these 2 purchases to the sidebar so I can track them with my goals for Rhinebeck as well.
Speaking of goals, I took the week off work and I’m working on another goal. Can you guess which one?

30 thoughts on “MDSW 2007

  1. Had I known about the gardening urge, I would have brought you some plants!
    It was great to meet you — and I love those slippers!

  2. You showed great restraint in your purchases! Way to go! Good luck with the gardening, I hope your weather isn’t as hot and humid as it’s been here in Alabama!

  3. Hi Jody,
    I met you in The Fold line. It was great meeting you and I’ve been inspired to de-lurk!! Glad you stuck to your goals!

  4. ohh, I love the tess! tess was the only yarn I bought, too (fiber being another story). :)
    glad you had a good time! those slippers are awesome.

  5. I love the color range you have for the lace merino!! They’re so pretty all lined up. Are you combine them in one project, or use them for different things?

  6. The new slippers are a hoot! I love everything you got including my favorite Regia Bamboo colorway (I have 2 skeins in my stash too!) Love the Tess laceweight, I can’t wait to see how you use it!

  7. Nice purchases! I was really tempted by the Tess laceweight too. So many pretty colors to choose from. But without any plan for it I managed to pass. Sorry we didn’t get to chat much at the festival. We should get together again sometime! Enjoy your week off! :)

  8. *lurker wave*
    I was there Sunday. I deliberately avoided the Tess tent — no plan + pretty yarn = disastrous for me, so I didn’t tempt fate. Gorgeous laceweight, though.

  9. it was so great to meet you in person! Love the tess you got – it will look stunning knit up. maybe I’ll see you at rhinebeck too!

  10. those tess yarns are so beautiful – are you going to use them all together? Stunning!
    those slippers will be on my list for next year – they are too cute!!!!!!

  11. I didn’t get to say hi – but I was hanging out with Stacey who spotted you! Weren’t the colors of the Tess lace gorgeous! Maybe I’ll get a chance to say hi next time (yes – I’m one of the lurkers who reads and seldom posts!)

  12. Ay, ay, ay, take a break! I’m sure your back hurts by now.
    Oh, that Tess lace yarn is to die for. I can’t stay away from mine. Wish I’d bought more, actually.
    I better see you at the MDSW next year!

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