where’d the time go?


That’s what I have left to do to finish the garden. I’ve worked 4 straight days, and I’ve promised myself to do whatever I want (knitknitknit) on Friday through Sunday (minus a little time out with Mom and the family for Mother’s Day this weekend).
There’s no chance I’ll get all of this done today (and to think that when I started I estimated 2 days’ worth of work). Some items are more critical than others (things that deter weeds need to be done soon or I’ll have a mess in a few weeks). All week long I’ve kept myself motivated by thinking about how awesome it will feel to sit in the yard and knit for 3 days (and maybe take a walk down to my LYS, which is now 4 blocks away!).
Wish me luck, and I’ll be back tomorrow with (hopefully) some pretty garden pics.

10 thoughts on “where’d the time go?

  1. I’m envious of your organization skills! Our yard needs a LOT of help. One day we spent the whole day regrading the area near the house with a truckload of dirt… sort of felt like prison might, just moving dirt from one pile to another. But it’s so cool to look at something and know you did it with your own hands…. like knitting!

  2. my garden list is at least that long! what are you doing to deter weeds? I always get sooo many! I was thinking of that plastic stuff, but how do you plant seeds with it?

  3. Good luck! Hope you get good weather all day as well. It rained all day yesterday here and my weeds have already reached critical mass.

  4. You can only do your best, woman! 😀 Knitting deserves some time too. I hope you get lots of it done, though.
    Four blocks?! How can you not be there everyday?

  5. All of your hard work in the garden will be well worth it the first time you can sit with a tall glass of iced tea and knit in your beautiful surroundings.

  6. Your garden looks amazing, I’ll be stealing some of your ideas for the 1920’s house we are remodeling now! We have a big garden, no fence, but it’s a mess of construction junk, weeds, and the ground is all lumpy because there have been moles invading our yard. Did you use anything to anchor your raised beds or did the weight of the wood prove to be stable enough?

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