Loksins: one down!

Loksins: side view

In what has to be some sort of record for me, I finished the first sock last night. I just couldn’t stop until it was done. Both ends are woven in (don’t you love socks? just TWO measly ends)
I used the toe called for in the pattern. It’s a different toe than I’m used to doing but I wanted to try it out. You knit until there are 8 stitches left and then you pull all 8 together, bring the yarn to the inside, and weave in the end.
Technically, the toe is fine. But, it doesn’t fit my foot quite as well as a boxier toe would. I’m glad I tried it, and it’s really still OK to wear. I just know now that next time I’ll do my standard toe and kitchner the end. I actually missed kitchnering the toe. It’s one of my favorite things about cuff-down socks.
Several of you asked about how the sock stayed up since it didn’t have any ribbing. I was concerned about it myself — especially in a bamboo yarn. So, I wore it around the house last night as a test drive. The sock barely slipped down my leg at all. Maybe a 1/2 inch. I’m happily surprised!
If Who am I kidding? *When* I make my next pair of Loksins, I’ll make them a few repeats longer in the leg. I’ll have to widen them by a couple stitches to do so, which is why I didn’t do it this time. I knit 9 repeats (as the pattern states) so my pics will give you a good idea of what yours would look like if you followed the pattern.
I really do love this pattern. It makes a beautiful sock, and I’ve been thinking about modifying it to make a scarf by using several repeats of the cabley section in the center, flanked by a single column of the little circles. I think it would make a beautiful scarf as well.
In sticking with this very non-traditional knitting approach (for me, anyway) I cast on for sock 2 last night. I hope to have a finished pair by end of the weekend. After all the bad knitting mojo I had with my experimental lace scarf, I need a nice FO to balance me out.
And I really don’t care that they’re predicting it will be 94°F (34°C) on Friday. I’ll just fold them up nicely in my sock drawer so I have something to look forward to come October.
ps – a BIG thank you to Stephanie from yesterday’s comments for suggesting I try one of the online photo editing apps until I get my laptop back. it was a big help! thanks again, stephanie!

17 thoughts on “Loksins: one down!

  1. that is so pretty! It looks like they only have red and blue speckle yarn, but i really like how it knitted up – what a pretty pattern!

  2. Those are coming out just beautiful! Maybe they stay up because there’s a rib-like effect? Cables and purls = basically ribbing. This is a great pattern for a slightly colorful yarn like that Regia Bamboo.

  3. Beautiful sock and I’m with you on Kitchner, I love it, and I have wide toes as well so wider is definitely better for me.

  4. Very nice! That stitch pattern is really beautiful. I also like the kitchnering the toe at the end, and I’ve always resisted drawing up the final toe stitches :)

  5. I’ve heard good things about the bamboo and happily, I have a couple skeins in the stash the I acquired recently. Not that I’ve knit a sock in ages and ages and ages but I did cast on for a Koigu sock today that I can only hope is the beginning of a trend as there’s so much sock yarn in the stash.
    I can now say that I’ve offically caught up with my bloglines backlog so I hope I’ll stop being a stranger. :)

  6. It looks fantastic. I guess not being a fan of kitchener and having pointy toes does change preferences (I’d never really thought about it like that).
    And, yep – the idea was with all the purl sts the sock is basically ribbed. I’ve had no problems with mine staying up.

  7. Very cute socks! I’m with you, I don’t like that “purse string” toe either and I can kitchener in my sleep at this point :)

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