pomatomus the start

No one can accuse me of being an early adopter with the pattern.


Now I finally know what all the fuss is about. This pattern is fun to knit, pretty to look at, and intricate-looking enough to keep me interested.
I’m using Sliver Moon Farm’s fingering (another fest yarn circa Rhinebeck 06). Plus, it counts as my first Summer of Socks knit. And that’s a good thing considering I still have yarn for 11 more pairs of socks from festivals.
Ahem. Moving on…
I bought this yarn at the end of the last day at Rhinebeck. I had looked at it several times but kept putting it down. I’m not sure why. Look at the gorgeous variation — subtle but definitely interesting to knit. And the size of the hanks? You get 200 grams — enough for two generous pairs of socks.
What’s not to love? Hmm…well it might be that it knits up best at 10 stitches per inch. I’m really not complaining though — it’s making a sturdy sock that’s finer than most handknit ones, so II think I’m going to really like wearing them too.
And yes, your purists out there will note that I’m making them toe-up. I didn’t have to make any mods, the pattern works just as nicely when knit in the opposite direction.

14 thoughts on “pomatomus the start

  1. I’m so glad to see someone doing them toe-up! I have some GORGEOUS turquoise yarn that I want to use for these, but I hate doing top-down socks. I haven’t made enough, however, to be comfortable adapting an existing top-down pattern, esp. one this intricate.

  2. Your yarn is just heaven! They are going to be gorgeous! I loved knitting my poms. It was in the times before I had found a great way to knit toe ups, so I knitted as the pattern directed. Would I knit a second pair, I would knit them toe up.

  3. I’m sending you a huge comment kiss!
    I’ve got one sad pom. sock waiting for a match, but I swore that I’d rip it. It’s real short & I won’t wear it. Now I’ll give the toe-ups a try. No real changes, honest?

  4. This color is delicious! It appeals to me on any number of levels. Especially that the gradation is subtle but lively. Your socks will be a perfectly synergistic blend of beauty and function!

  5. Yum, I love bottom-of-sock photos that show off the awesome yarn. One thing you might want to do (if you’re a sucker for symmetry) is flip the chart when you knit the second one.

  6. Nice! I’m planning on starting a pair of pomatomuses (?) in the next few days. Glad to know that toe up doesn’t need any modifications – I think I’ll go that way with my own! Love that color, by the way!

  7. wow, 200g? gotta get me some of that. the socks look great–haven’t tried that pattern yet. think it’s starting to grow on me though.

  8. Just found your blog, and had to say that your Pomotomous are gorgeous. I have some Shaefer Anne that I’ve been thinking about using for a pair. Good to know they work up so well in a smaller gauge!

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